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Jul 28 2013
Thanks! I <3 clementine. - May 08 2013
There's no download available yet. I still have quite a bit to finish before releasing. - Apr 29 2013
While I do appreciate your criticism and suggestion, I don't think the faenza-esque icon quite fits what I'm going for with this theme. Having said that, I have tinkered around and created said icon variant, and am considering including it as an alternative that can be swapped in. Cheers! - Apr 16 2013
:O Thanks so much! - Apr 16 2013
There are still tons of apps and mimetypes I haven't touched, amongst other things. I realize I will have to edit and add things after release, but I'd like to have as much as I can done beforehand. - Apr 16 2013
I'm open to suggestions. Everything is in flux still. - Apr 03 2013