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Thor asgard Reldands, United States of America
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GTK3/4 Themes by nale12 13 comments

What is it? - Jan 20 2013

Various Gnome Stuff by krewetki 2 comments

And here's mine: - Nov 25 2012
Oxygen Neon White

Cursors by JenyaYQ 4 comments

Looks good. Whats the gtk theme? - Nov 08 2012
Mirev2 Gtk3

GTK3/4 Themes by lyrae 3 comments

buttons on the left side? - Sep 01 2012
Linus' f..k you shirt

Cliparts by Simzer 1 comment

I'd buy it. I wonder if anyone at Nvidia would be fired for wearing this? - Aug 22 2012

Wallpaper Other by linuxlex 6 comments

LinuxLex OS? haha - Aug 03 2012
Stanley Jobson Tribute

Wallpaper Other by tuxkernel 2 comments

Everyone knows that all hackers use green text. Unless your one of them russian commies! (sarcasm <--) - Jun 21 2012
Linus on Nvidia #1

Wallpaper Other by terminhell 3 comments Yes, yes he did. - Jun 18 2012
Path-indicator Conky

Conky by avi9526 7 comments

Not bad. Love the choices of shapes & colors. - Jun 15 2012

Gnome Shell Themes by linuxlex 6 comments

Don't stop what your doing. I've been watching your work for, what over a year since you've been uploading here? While some of your stuff hasn't been for me, it's great to see how much your contributing :) - Jun 12 2012
Free Software

Wallpaper Other by anonymo 3 comments

Fair enough. - Jun 06 2012
Free Software

Wallpaper Other by anonymo 3 comments

I'm knitpicking or just feel a tad but hurt about the logo choice, but it seems you could be a bit more ubiquitous with the choice of FOSS logo'ing. Otherwise, looks great. - Jun 06 2012

Conky by caymus 6 comments

If your running gnome-shell you may have to change "own_window_type override" to "own_window_type normal". Not sure if this will interfere with lua from running, as im still trying to figure out why cairo isnt showing up yet. Also, OP you may want to include the 'Caviar Dream' font in this too as the conkyrc's call for it. - May 05 2012

Conky by caymus 6 comments

I believe I have done an ok job at translating your README file for those who may need the instructions.
Good work too *cheers* - May 05 2012
Gimp dagus

Gimp Splashes by dagoberto555 4 comments

Please. - Apr 13 2012
Sucubus Black Background (1920x1080)

Wallpaper Other by nymfedora 2 comments

Would make a decent tattoo. Better wallpaper :p
But why does this depend on Ubuntu? - Mar 27 2012

Various Gnome Stuff by terminhell 3 comments

I thought about ping-guy, but its kinda implied. Honestly i didnt want a pinguine tbh. Over on the arch forums, a lot of people said i should have gone with "makepkg not love" which, hindsight is 20/10 =/ but im happy with it. Im a fan of obscure. And if you look, you can see a sort of silloute of a persons upper body created by the logo/text placement, which further drives home that people are the driving force behind linux in general and arch too, especially with AUR, which the logo, being partly an arrowhead makes even more sense.
In short i tell people its a big F-U to M$ & Apple and the embracing of FOSS & the hacker mentality. Thanks for the reply. - Mar 21 2012
DeLorean_Noir Theme

GTK3/4 Themes by hellokitten 19 comments

Has potential. - Mar 07 2012
Conky Cronograph Station

Conky by mucas 24 comments

Blythe, CA in USA - Jan 14 2012
Conky Cronograph Station

Conky by mucas 24 comments

First, getting the weather to display in Fahrenheit is alluding me. Second, when I change the accuweather URL to my location, I get a jumble of text. - Jan 14 2012
Ghost - Pure Transparency- Now with

Gnome Shell Themes by perjo132 11 comments

Nothing fancy. I simple circular gradient fill with gimp. I think the problem people were having with the original icon (it was cool btw), is that with a fully transparent panel, most wallpapers made it lose detailing. From a design standpoint, working with fully transparency, and knowing that people aren't going to be using near solid color backgrounds (usually), i would think hard, bold shapes with minimal detailing. I would also consider strongly to have a pixel or 2 black or white outline on the icon to better distinguish its shape further. - Dec 11 2011
Ghost - Pure Transparency- Now with

Gnome Shell Themes by perjo132 11 comments

the only thing i changed was the activities icon. But the rest is just right :) - Dec 11 2011

Metacity Themes by kant-o 3 comments

OH....whoops, guess i missed that part, well then, nvm :) - Aug 24 2011

Metacity Themes by kant-o 3 comments

Issues when maximised, ill let the ss show it. - Aug 24 2011
Ubuntu sexy 2

Wallpapers Ubuntu by paolino63 2 comments

i usually criticize pieces that just have a stock pic of some nude with nothing more than a distro's name or logo added to it somewhere and then uploaded. Those i down vote. No talent there. This on the other hand isn't one of those. So for that I'll like.
@LinuxLex: ive always enjoyed your work and i do think it has gone a little under appreciated here. As a past artist I know the time and effort that go into what you do ;) - Aug 20 2011
Elegant Brass

Icon Sub-Sets by ilnanny75 8 comments

one day a full icon theme? I know it would be quite the task, but this is a fresh idea and has potential. - Aug 17 2011
Ronin Dark

Gnome Shell Themes by LittleEaster 1 comment

works great, installed without a hitch. Thanks! - Aug 15 2011

Beryl/Emerald Themes by annak1408 3 comments

Larger previews please? - Aug 06 2011

GTK2 Themes by Padster 2 comments

also gnome 3 in the future? - Aug 03 2011

Various Gnome Stuff by superwolfe2000 2 comments

And my wolf pack, it grew by one. So were two…so there was two of us in the pack. I…I was alone first in the pack, and then Doug joined in later. - Jul 06 2011
Clean U.E-3 - "Israel Remix "

Wallpaper Other by Admin-Amir 8 comments

You dont seem to understand what we are having a problem with. Our problem is that you upload so much in a short amount of time. Thats it. All we are asking is that you not submit so much at one time. - Jun 29 2011
Clean U.E-3 - "Israel Remix "

Wallpaper Other by Admin-Amir 8 comments

" Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: no!
by Admin-Amir on: 1 day ago

Thank you for you Advice.

I will take that Action with the next posts here on the site. "

You could take this advice now. Take down and remove all the current uploads you have, then resubmit them accordingly in just a few compressed files. Use a free file sharing host like: to accommodate the 750k file size that this website has in place. If you need help with any of this let me or someone else know please. :) - Jun 27 2011
Ubuntu - " Israel Remix Team wall " .

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Admin-Amir 7 comments

Then put at least all the different distro wallpappers together in one compressed file. The problem that the rest of THIS community has is your constant uploading. Realistically, put all of the wallpapers and put them in one single .tar file as a single download. Let the users find the images they want to use from there. As a long time user and contributer of this site it does annoy me to see new work pushed away so rapidly by your actions. - Jun 27 2011
stop spaming this stuff. Just package all of this together in one tar file plz. Your literally flooding this place with re-branded work. - Jun 27 2011
VDesk - Visual Desktop

Various Gnome Stuff by AnthonyAMC 32 comments

Seems like more of a waste of cpu. Also, doesn't VLC have an option to set videos as a wallpaper? - May 25 2011
ubuntu horror wall papers

Wallpapers Ubuntu by sukkel100 2 comments

Seems like anything that gets posted here that isn't all happy, bright and cheery gets down voted hard. I'm sick of happy sunshine &puppy wallpapers and themes. I live in the real world where things are scary, dark and mysterious. Grow up people. - May 19 2011

Wallpaper Other by taner 2 comments

But maybe a second version without the cube and just the textured background? - May 13 2011
Ubuntu desktop

Wallpapers Ubuntu by johnny2k 3 comments

Niceee, how is that working out for ya? - May 12 2011
Red Brown.

Wallpaper Other by funclub 8 comments

Next try some curvy lines and such, or some layered blurring to add depth ;)
Ignore the top poster. - Apr 24 2011
Compact Elegant

Metacity Themes by unexistance 2 comments

dig it. I think this one flew under the radar. Keep em coming. - Apr 19 2011
My Conky Config

Conky by dinlinux 4 comments

did you get your public IP to look like that? - Mar 23 2011
Ordinary Blue Glass Xtreme

Beryl/Emerald Themes by daanie902 1 comment

great mods - Mar 22 2011

Wallpapers Gnome by cmedina 3 comments

i kinda like it. - Mar 19 2011
Ubuntu Fitts Ambiance (Natty Only)

GTK2 Themes by swordjr 19 comments

is that conky down below or...cuz its rad & i want it :p - Mar 04 2011

Wallpaper Other by taner 4 comments

Currently using. Very nice. What was it created in? - Mar 02 2011

GTK2 Themes by lassekongo83 9 comments

You may want to contact the author of the "Any Color You Like". He's done an amazing scripting job with his icon theme and would probably be much help for ya ;) - Mar 02 2011

GTK2 Themes by lassekongo83 9 comments

has a lot of potential. Simplify the end results for the lazy/artless people and you have a great thing going. - Mar 02 2011
minimal-grey2 ramus

Metacity Themes by RaMuS 2 comments

extracted, manually pasted into .themes dir, renamed the xfce4 folder too, still nothing. - Feb 16 2011

GTK2 Themes by starryprabin 11 comments

try reseting the colors in appearance. - Feb 15 2011
Tux Rebel 2

Wallpaper Other by mgoodwin6 2 comments

Im originally from the south, so tired of people equating the rebel flag to racism. It's not a swastika, though im sure thats what the germans hear all the time, or the bhudist lol. - Feb 11 2011

GTK3/4 Themes
by nale12

9   Jan 20 2013
9   Oct 21 2012

Full Icon Themes
by sora

9   Oct 09 2012

GTK2 Themes
by ardchoille45

9   Aug 07 2012

Wallpaper Other
by linuxlex

9   Aug 03 2012

GTK2 Themes
by ardchoille45

9   Jul 31 2012
BlackWhite GTK3

GTK3/4 Themes
by lyrae

9   Jul 31 2012
9   Jul 25 2012
9   Jun 15 2012
9   May 05 2012
9   Apr 18 2012
9   Mar 27 2012
9   Dec 11 2011
9   Dec 11 2011
9   Dec 01 2011
Ubuntu sexy

Wallpapers Ubuntu
by paolino63

9   Aug 20 2011
Linux freedom

Wallpaper Other
by paolino63

9   Aug 20 2011
Ubuntu sexy 2

Wallpapers Ubuntu
by paolino63

9   Aug 20 2011
Ronin Dark

Gnome Shell Themes
by LittleEaster

9   Aug 15 2011
9   Jul 17 2011