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Jan 31 2008

This issue is fixxed in v1.1.0

chris - Jan 21 2008

Well the -t option somehow dissapeared from kdes somwhen between 3.5 and 3.5.8 - i've no idea why...

- Jan 10 2008
I'll fix that in the next release but i cannot tell when this will happen a my tim eis quite limited at the moment.

chris - Nov 14 2006

Make shure that you have the QT3 development headers installed - depending on the distribution they are normaly called qt-devel or libqt-dev, shouldn't be too hard to find out the right package name.

chris - Aug 16 2006

As i do not package the app my self i cannot tell you if/where are packages available.
I'd suggest you try to google for them - shoulkd be easy to find if some are available.

chris - Mar 13 2006

I've never tried to istall it into a seperate directory, so plese make shure that all environment variables are set right when running ./configure - the debian_woody_configure script does that for debian based systems - so ther you should see the option needed.

chris - Feb 28 2006

As far as i remember you need at least the SynCookie support and the standard iptables modeules (connection tracking*, filtering, mangle, nat etc.) enabled.
For more detailed information plese send me the error you get and i'll try to help as good as can.

best regrads,
chris - Feb 24 2006

Please mak sure that the ebuild uses the right compile settings - as it works here very well - and i cannot reproduce the behaviour you are writing about.

chris - Feb 18 2006

I've taken the port numbers from the /etc/services file and googled a bit for each to find out which ports the protocolls actaually need to work in an connection tracking environment.
So no sorry, i do not any reliable source for that - thats also a reason why the list is still very small - maybe looking at the guarddog sources can help with that but i didn't had any time to do that yet.

thanks for the helkp offer & greetings,
chris - Feb 16 2006

Well this is an issue i'm working on. I just didn't had the time to finish that implementation.

But until the editor is available you may add your protocols to the protocollibrary.xml file installed in %APPDIR%/protocols/
It's a simple XML file so you shouldn't have problems to unserstand the syntax.

best regards,
chris - Feb 15 2006
Well i know the GUI (i think you are talking about the IPTables interface) is not as clean as it may be.

The problem is that i need lots of elements per screen (especiaslly the protocol option stuff is really bloaded). I'll try to do my best to make it better.

chris - Apr 21 2005

Well surely it's possible to implement such a thing for the IPTables mode (for the Generic interface this would be very difficult to do), but my time is currently much too limited to write the needed parser for that.

So i do not think i will implement this in the near future as there are lots of other things i need to do first. But surely will i integrate this into the app if anyone writes such a parser/converter.

chris - Mar 18 2005
No - this is not implemented, to be honest not even planed.
I'm not shure but somewhere on sourceforge i saw a project that ties to do that.

chris - Sep 08 2004
Yes - the basic nat stuff is implemeted in the GUI and everything else may be done by using a "Costom Rule Option" which gives you full controll over the generated iptables rule.

chirs - Feb 25 2004