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Phil LaPier New York, United States of America
Somatic - GDM

GDM Themes by pokemonjojo2 8 comments

Ah that's so awesome! I love David Lanham's work. He's always been an inspiration.

These GDM themes are great. Good work and Thanks! - Aug 06 2008

GTK2 Themes by marcozanger 10 comments

mmm it's purrdy. I like the simplicity. I say yes, please make it! - Jul 19 2008
Cherry Silk

Wallpaper Other by SchattenGessang 1 comment

Very nice wallpaper.

Personally, as a wallpaper it's a bit too intense for my eye balls. But the colors are very rich and used effectively to create a harmonious and smooth design. So great job, none-the-less. - Jun 29 2008
My Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by sardines454 4 comments

Simple & clean... I Like. - Jun 27 2008
Shiftie Pastel

GTK2 Themes by lassekongo83 11 comments

Very nice work,

I would love to see this ported to an Emerald theme too! - Jun 02 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes by bundini 22 comments

I really admire you subjects of study. ;)

"It's all real and it's all illusory:
that's Awareness!"
-Ram Dass - Apr 13 2008

Conky by meek 126 comments

also, is there a way to manually set how many pixels you want to be shown from the list? Like if i wanted to only show the first group, could i edit the source to show the top and cut off the bottom half of the list?

i dont know python but i tried changing the numbers in here "ctx.rectangle(0,0,200,800)" but it didn't do anything. - Mar 13 2008

Conky by meek 126 comments

Check out my screenshot here.
The bottom Part of my buddy list is cut off for some reason. Do you know why this is happening? Is my list too large?
I am running Pidgin 2.4.0 with screenlets version 0.0.12.

I also had to rename some groups (zGirls,zGuys) on my buddy list because the screenlet sorts the groups alphabetically. It would be a great feature to add a ticker in the properties to enable or disable this. - Mar 13 2008

GDM Themes by jasidog 4 comments

one of the best GDM themes, IMO. I love it.

Very simplistic, professional looking, and pleasing on the eye.

Great Work! - Dec 09 2007

Wallpaper Other by CIou 1 comment

ouch my eyes! >.< - Dec 05 2007
looks good.
maybe you could include a second version without the buttons? - Nov 18 2007
Start & End

System Sounds by mentalrey 18 comments

I really like them.
But i do agree that the end seems a little bit long.
They are currently added to my system.
Great Job! - Nov 13 2007
c'mon, give the creator a little credit. As my old art teacher used to say, "it's not about the art itself, but rather about the story it tells." Or the idea it portrays.

When you first look at it, for all you in the linux world, you probably didn't even realize the smirk it made on your face.

Don't look at it for its weak graphics, but rather for the creative idea the author was trying to portray.

Anyways, it made me chuckle... thank you paradox47 - Mar 15 2007
Calla Blue Mod

Beryl/Emerald Themes by thebinz 6 comments

i wish i could find a link to the creator of the beautiful wallpaper but unfortunately all my searches have failed.

i don't want to give out any direct links but here is a google link to where you may be able to find it - based on a filename search.

also search for:

"request_grey_1920.jpg" for widescrean
"request_blue_1600.jpg" for blue version

does anyone know the original source of this wallpaper? - Mar 14 2007
Tango Gaim Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by PingunZ 22 comments

I would like to request larger icon resolutions in this icon pack. The status icons in the 'icons' folder end up all pixilated when displayed in AWN.

If you are unfamiliar with AWN, check it out here.

Also check out the GAIM_AWN plugin.

This would be very helpful. Thanks. - Mar 06 2007
Flatbed Cursors

Cursors by jlue 34 comments

Great work! I love the colors and the style. I would like to request a light blue version though since i am unsure how to edit these cursors.

Light blue/Pastel Blue would be nice. Somewhere in the general area of these colors: #9EB7CF or #BACDE1

P.S. - a pastel red would look good too. - Feb 10 2007

Nature by marts47 2 comments

I like trees - Jan 09 2007
linux fuel

Wallpaper Other by tripod4 7 comments

Here's a hint;
It's found in the fresh brew of roasted goodness occupying my mug every morning. :) - Dec 22 2006
the effects of caffeine

Wallpaper Other by tripod4 3 comments

Got Crack? - Dec 06 2006
the effects of caffeine

Wallpaper Other by tripod4 3 comments

Got Crack? - Dec 06 2006
RastaGrrl GDM

GDM Themes by dieideeistgut 18 comments

Sleek & Sexy design.
- Nov 30 2006
RastaGrrl GDM

GDM Themes by dieideeistgut 18 comments

Sleek & Sexy design.
- Nov 30 2006

Beryl/Emerald Themes by TaKo 13 comments

Slick looking theme.
What icon set are the icons in your dock from?
(ie firefox & gaim)

- Nov 01 2006
Gnome Sensors Applet ala Tango

Various Gnome Stuff by epicbard 4 comments

Very nice & thank you ecipbard! - Oct 29 2006