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Ravneet Singh

Conky by netwolfuk 7 comments

I had been waiting for you to release this screenlet for a while now! I had googled for something like this and found it on your blog a while back.

The screenlet looks very clean and fits in well with my desktop. It should be made more customizable though. (more in the changing font size or text placement).
The day of the week kind of mushes in with the time.

One thing I have noticed is that when I click on properties, and I click the close button on the bottom, nothing happens. I have to close it out by using the "x" on top. I am using screenlet engine 0.1.2.

Once again thanks for releasing this great screenlet! - Aug 13 2008
I have just updated the Manometer.

- Reduced cpu usage by drawing updates only if needle moves more then a noticeable distance.
- Disabled all rendering/computation when Manometer is not mapped (visible)

To the Author: Can you check my work and merge it with yours? Thanks.

Link to the updated code: - Aug 06 2008
I updated the file with more fixes:

- Smooth Needle movements
- Better CPU usage estimation
- fixed memory leak when using custom text for the gauges.
- Feb 26 2008
I added some smooth needle movements.

You can download the updated code here:

The author can feel free to use the code. - Feb 20 2008