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martin ribelotta

System Software by fr33mind 28 comments

I am surfing on wayland... very experimental aproach of Non-X Desktop using qt-compositor and wayland-qt of Qt5 branch... But that combination is very promising - Oct 06 2011

System Software by fr33mind 28 comments

excellent job, best regards and go for more - Oct 06 2011
QSkinStyle--QT App Skin

Developers Apps by goodman 2 comments

If have propietary licence, have go to qt-prop.

Qt-App is only for open source projects - Nov 07 2010

System Software by TheRuso 4 comments

Yes, it's in my plans.
I am originally Spanish speaker, that is the first translation

But first I have to improve the system of copy / paste and add the ability to open files with menu options using x-mime - Aug 02 2010

QtCurve by TheRuso 3 comments

Yeap, it's a bug with colors in scrollbar but is fully functionaly (if not, pleas tell me what version of Qt you have and the OS for reproducing the error) - Mar 09 2009

Science by perezmeyer 1 comment

Good job men!" :-D - Jun 10 2008
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