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Sep 16 2009
Ah, that seems to work for me. Thanks for this solution! I will update it soon.

I have also added your translation along with some more I have gleaned from Ubuntu's translation site. - Nov 19 2009
Hm. That's odd.

It should appear as "Configure amaroKnotify" under the Settings menu. However, it doesn't appear when the script isn't working... are notifications currently appearing when you play songs? - Sep 17 2009
Unfortunately, I do not know what might be causing this problem. What happens if you try to run manually? Something like:

./ "title" "header" "body" 4 1

Any chance that this update fixed it? - Sep 16 2009
Sorry about that.

I updated to 4.3.1 recently, and completely forgot to account for this. If org.freedesktop.Notifications doesn't work, it should go back to using kdialog (which is only missing a little bit of the functionality that switching to this new service allows for). Hopefully this works for you.

And thank you for notifying me, I've updated the translation files with placeholder text. - Sep 16 2009
Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to do this just yet with KDE 4.3.

The event method in org.kde.knotify doesn't seem to work, and the org.freedesktop.notification specification is nowhere to be found in qdbus (in fact, I can't seem to find any conclusive information about its status in regards to KDE). If anybody has some information to the contrary, I would be more than happy to listen to it. - Sep 04 2009
This is also in response to the previous comment.

I'm glad you found my script useful.

I was thinking of using the dbus interface (particularly org.kde.notify and org.kde.VisualNotifications), but unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work very well from the command line, nor are there qtscript bindings for them. This would fix both problems. If anybody has any advice, please enlighten me (it would be greatly appreciated).

Unfortunately, there is no clean way to cancel notifications, but I'll attempt to address that problem. - May 02 2009
I was wondering how sought after such a feature would be, but it shouldn't be too much trouble. I just have a few questions I might need a bit of feedback on.

1. What would be the best way to visually display this information, though? Here are the methods I was considering:

  • 38/100

  • [::::::|||] 38 [||||||||:]

  • [ 38/100] [|||:::::::]

  • (spaces don't appear well in kdialog)

    2. Would it be worthwhile to note whether this was an increase or a decrease?

    Thank you for your suggestion. - Apr 25 2009
    I wasn't sure if the Qt localisation feature was usable by this, so I adapted one from Lyrics Workshop. I hope it is what you are looking for.

    You can use the lang/en.js as a template.

    Thank you for the suggestion! - Apr 23 2009
    I'm sorry that my script has caused you so much trouble. It seems that this is not an isolated incident.

    You can find the particular bug report here: - Apr 21 2009