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The Stick
tux adhesive icon for laptop

Various Stuff by spidernik 10 comments

This one's way better than the ones you can find on google!

Cheers to the author, I'm gonna print this on some adhesive paper right away =) - Apr 03 2006
Enter The Linux 2 Lilo bootsplash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by SmacK 5 comments

I know it's not a wallpaper ;)

I just said nobody did that on wallpapers either.

So it's even worse on 640x480 splash-screens :-/

Cheers! - Feb 20 2005
Enter The Linux 2 Lilo bootsplash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by SmacK 5 comments

Why put those huge credits directly on the picture? It's rather annoying...

I know you deserve credit, but you don't need to put your name everywhere ;)
Nobody does that on GPL'd wallpapers either. - Feb 20 2005
Party Tux

Wallpaper Other by Hero2004 5 comments

people voted you off. This isn't a wallpaper, you should put it in "Other".

It would however make very nice graphics for an amaroK or K3B splash screen :D. Give it a shot!

I like it! - Feb 05 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by qodsec 5 comments

Try Knotes. It's very nice, and has a tray icon.

It actually does whay you're asking! Alt-Shift-N to bring up a new note. - Jan 29 2005
Debian Sid Desktop w/ Superkaramba

KDE Plasma Screenshots by TheStick 2 comments

Too bad. Well, hope next version will implement this!

Thanks! - Jan 22 2005
French Translation for Liquid Weather++

Karamba & Superkaramba by TheStick 2 comments

Thanks a lot for your insight!

My knowledge in weather isn't that good, you know! Thanks a bunch for correcting me!
Also, I did this in about 20 minutes and didn't really look carefully at each detail. I already found some mistakes...I'll correct things and upload as soon as possible.

You're right about the "Français" part too. I'll rename the file.

Encore merci et à bientôt! - Jan 18 2005
KDE 3,1, xcalc, QuakeIII

KDE Plasma Screenshots by eugrus 2 comments

Just saw that "key generator" thingie
Under linux, that should be of no use. No damn use!

BTW, it could get your linux box infected with nasty windows viruses...:) - Jan 07 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba by FritzPille 2 comments

Nice, clean theme. But what's with the icons? Are you getting paid to use those?
Please change them. - Dec 23 2004
Mepislovers Badge

Karamba & Superkaramba by darkstarr 2 comments

This is totally useless...I can't be gentle on this one!
Make a real superkaramba theme that actually does something! - Dec 23 2004

KDE Plasma Screenshots by promete7 1 comment

What's the use for double or triple system monitors?
One's enough, two is two much... - Dec 23 2004
Caustiq's Deskshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by caustiq 10 comments

Nope. I love things the way they are! :-)

But if women don't use linux... I might get to be a very sad husband - Dec 22 2004
Caustiq's Deskshot

KDE Plasma Screenshots by caustiq 10 comments

I don't know, but how come we only find pictures of pretty women on

It seems only men use KDE. Weird, huh?
Be a man. Use linux :-)

(I am a heterosexual male. Just in case...) - Dec 21 2004
my kde desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by drnkmunkey 7 comments

It's pretty nice, but where's the taskbar. I can't live without something that looks like a taskbar... - Dec 20 2004
Good desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by PovMan 4 comments

How do you manage to use that?


-unreadable taskbar
-text too small for such a big screen

There is room for improvement! - Dec 20 2004

KDE Plasma Screenshots by promete7 3 comments

Windows XP is hideous, and people still try to copy that so-called "style".

Get yourself a real, functional and beautiful desktop! - Dec 20 2004

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Senshi 2 comments

It looks very nice but it lacks functionnality and readability. - Dec 20 2004