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Julian Turner

GTK2 Themes by Phrodo00 24 comments

You should contact the Ubuntu Art Team! This could go into the universe repository, and maybe even on the CD. - Mar 12 2006
Dock icon for Totem

Icon Sub-Sets by le-shog 8 comments

ur comment sucks 2.
You really need to learn proper grammar and how to criticise more specific! - Mar 12 2006
gtk-gnutella mockup

Various Gnome Stuff by spookykid 6 comments

Using tabs really isn't ideal for the interface (although it's very common in file-sharing programs). Especially if functionality is added later, it can get really cluttered. Just take a look at nicotine, it's a usability nightmare, even more so because it doesn't have keyboard bindings.
A possible solution is using buttons like the component switcher (e-mail, calendar, etc...) in evolution. - Feb 08 2006
NuoveXT 1.5 evolution stock icons

Icon Sub-Sets by john007 14 comments

what did you do to your font rendering? Did you miss Windows so much? - Dec 21 2005
Still Life

Icon Sub-Sets by theturner 23 comments

Thanks! That's a nice suggestion! - Jul 31 2005
Still Life

Icon Sub-Sets by theturner 23 comments

Mac OS X is pixel-based too.

The reason I use GIMP is that the realistic look of these icons is really hard to achieve in vector-based formats. Inkscape has improved a lot in adjusting to a pixel grid in various sizes (I heard jimmac has switched to Inkscape), but vector graphics are naturally more suitable for sketchy, scheme-like icons.
Doing this set in SVG would mean a lot more work for me, and the resulting files would be very complex, thus rendering times would suffer.
For now, I'll stick with PNG. - Jul 28 2005
Still Life

Icon Sub-Sets by theturner 23 comments

Thanks! - Jul 28 2005
Ubuntu 5.04 CD Covers

CD/DVD Labels by jrangels1 4 comments

Very simple and easy on the eyes...
One suggestion though: It seems you used Arial, Helvetica, FreeSans or a very similar font - I would rather suggest Bitstream Vera Sans or a light Futura-like font, this would make it more elegant. - Jun 20 2005
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Icon Sub-Sets by theturner 23 comments

There is a great difference between that. While you may not like my icons, you seem to think that they are so good that you can't believe I created them myself. Anyway, I did. You're not going to find artwork by anyone else in this set.

The hard disk icon may indeed seem a little out of place, because it is one of the oldest in this set, I made it more than two years ago.
Some of the newer icons have distinct outlines (especially those with light grey edges, to increase visibility in menus), which is a similarity to jimmac's icons, but they're *not* "almost perfect copies of ones done by Jimmac".

So, bring'em on! Show me any icon in this set that is not copyrighted by me, and I'll immediately delete the whole set. If you fail to do that or apologize, you are just a troll.

Apart from that, I'm going to have different icons for closed, opened and active folders ready in a few days. - Apr 12 2005
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Icon Sub-Sets by theturner 23 comments

May I interprete that as a very alternative way of saying you think they're good?
And just FYI:
I hope there are no icons by jimmac in this tarball (as it would increase the size unnecessarily because the .theme file inherits them anyway) - I keep them in my own folder to remind me of all the icons I still have to create, but they shouldn't be in the download file.
Assuming I didn't forget any of jimmac's icons in there, ALL icons are made entirely by me. I created them. I didn't nick them, I didn't modify someone else's theme, I didn't convert them from Mac OS X, I made them in GIMP.

So please, if you're unable to notice the differences between these icon sets, just refrain from making comments stating that my works aren't mine. - Apr 11 2005
Still Life

Icon Sub-Sets by theturner 23 comments

The weed leaf is the icon for Dopewars, which i consider a killer application for the easy-to-use Linux desktop.
The windows partition would rather be decorated with a dogpie, which could be considered offensive by some people (considering that some can't even recognize the difference between Ubuntu's Human color scheme and excrement)... - Apr 10 2005