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delaney fearon moncton, Canada
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Dec 08 2008
ive tried fbpanel pypanel and xfce4-panel and all of them are doing the exact same thing.. sitting at the top of the screen waiting to cover the titlebar of anything i maximize.. its annoying as heck. - Dec 13 2008
i agree with you.. to a certain extent. im having problems with configuration. i use pypanel located on top. anything i MAXIMIZE ends up going UNDER the panel

Firefox, thunar, etc. all underneath. if i could have that stop id be more likely to stay in pekwm long enough to make the change. - Dec 11 2008
this is excellent. it might be nice if you did versions with menu bullets with the red and blue from the gtk used in em.. might even convince me to switch from openbox if ya did... great work! - Dec 09 2008
xfzen blue

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Dec 03 2008
found the wallpaper somewhere on the archlinux forums.. cant remember exactly where the link to it is.. but it was in the november or december screenshot threads.. - Dec 03 2008

Openbox Themes 3 comments

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Oct 08 2007
pypanel :) - Oct 09 2007

Openbox Themes 5 comments

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Oct 08 2007
This is an interesting approach. definately thinking outside of the box on this.. - Oct 08 2007

Openbox Themes 3 comments

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Oct 05 2007
i really like this.. though it seems to be missing some kind of highlight in the menus.. i like what youve done but an actual flat hilight would have made it for me.. great job! - Oct 08 2007

GTK2 Themes 46 comments

by lyrae
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Jan 22 2008
xfwm.. bring it.. u know u wannnnnna! - Apr 07 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes 3 comments

by lyrae
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Mar 30 2007
Incredible port as usual. I took time to peak at the fluxbox one and it too is solid. I'm aware you usually use xfce and was curious when the xfwm was coming out.. i really should learn how to port these myself..
Keep em coming man.. loving every release! you and tome do some of the best work in the scene right now. - Mar 31 2007

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Mar 27 2007
Just wanted to say NICE WORK!
It seems every other gtk released is murrine and its always a great thing to find a one that I like enough to add to my collection.
Keep em coming. - Mar 27 2007

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Sep 27 2006
This should have been awarded some sort of a comment before now. Thanks for pointing me towards your theme even if it was only on account me me mistakenly using your name. It's going to make a great addition to my collection.. looking forward to more of your work!! - Mar 20 2007
Murrina Beach

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Feb 25 2007
My eyes... they won't stop bleeding!! - Feb 18 2007

GTK2 Themes 36 comments

by lyrae
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Feb 02 2007
You are currently putting out the most solid gtk offerings at the moment. Id be lying if i said i was using them because the colours just arent me in the last few.. BUT.. they are definately the most polished and well done.
Keep em coming! - Feb 01 2007
Murrine GTK+ Cairo Engine

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Sep 22 2010
nothing huh? - Oct 23 2006
Wondering about some issues im having with compilation on XUBUNTU EDGY EFT using Xfce 4.4 beta 2 and Murrine 0.20

I have eliminated the problem with the vertical bars showing on the tasks portion of my xfce panel.

But now im currently having issues with the Tasks themselves.
Before each task used to show in its own little "square" something like this

But currently im having a problem where the only item that shows in its "square" is the active task. The others are just plain like the rest of the toolbar. This is illustrated here:

Could u or anyone else provide me with a solution or a deb that would correct this.. without reintroducing the bars on the taskbar ( as shown here (as u helped me with on

Please and Thankyou.. I appreciate your time.

Delaney/thewayofzen - Oct 21 2006
Awesome thank you.
Does doing this cripple any features of the gtk engine?? - Oct 18 2006
Hey cimi.. and everyone.
Any ideas how to fix the issue in those screenshots..
Im stumped! - Oct 18 2006
I hope this helps.

murrine 0.12

murrine 0.20

I really prefer the look of the panal in 0.12 without those vertical bars..

Youve done such a FANTASTIC job developping this engine that i hate to have it look less then perfect.. Ive removed every non murrine gtk theme from my box since about two days after my first install.

Im sure there is something i am doing wrong??

Let me know if i can help in any way.
Thanks for your time.. and i appreciate your work as always.
Delaney - Oct 17 2006
I love murrine gtk. but the last two releases haev caused me some annoyances on xfce 4.4 rc1 on dapper 6.06
When i use release 12 i get a nice sleek xfce panel as it is seen in my murrina rose/graphite/gperfection theme screenshots. But when i try to upgrade to either 0.13 or 0.20 i get what appears to be everything adopting the correct visual appearance ACCEPT the xfce panel. It looks 98% perfect but at each end of the task lists showing what apps are running.. i get a vertical widget kinda line at each side of it.. Its ugly and i cant seem to figure out how to be rid of it. Ive tried the install with a make install as well as creating my own deb with checkinstall.
Can anyone suggest a fix or explain what im doing wrong? - Oct 17 2006
I was really excited about ubuntulooks when it first came out. This is worlds better. In my opinion no other gtk engine even compares. - Jul 25 2006

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Sep 25 2006
This gtk theme is badass. Nice work! - Jul 28 2006

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Jul 29 2006
Dig it!@! - Jul 28 2006
Murrina Gperfection

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Jul 29 2006
i can email it to you.. just let me know where - Jul 28 2006
fixed the credits.. if its not to your liking.. let me know and ill adjust again. sorry for the mixup! - Jul 28 2006

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

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Jul 29 2006
No idea where i got the wallpaper. I know its part of a pack of similar walls.. if u want the wall itself or the entire pack email me. Ill be replying to all my emails that require attachments tomorrow (thursday the 27 ) - Jul 27 2006
I am in fact using xfce panel. I am currently running the svn version of Xfce 4.4 beta 2. Its improved leaps and bounds over the already great experience that was 4.2

I was a gnome user who occasionally used xfce until the svn for 4.4 was made available in the dapper repos. Since then i have switched to xubuntu and user xfce exclusively! - Jul 26 2006
Your welcome. Judgin by the votes this is being well recieved.. im glad! - Jul 25 2006