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Konstantin Grusha
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Jan 01 2004
It was only natural to call it Plastig. :)

You know, there's an old saying: "If it's not here, then where? If it's not now, then when? If it's not me, then who?" -- methinks it fits perfectly. - Jan 01 2004
It's strange, even though I tested it only on SuSE 9.0 yet... Are you trying to use it with GTK applications in KDE or in GNOME?

If anything else fails, and your GTK applications running under KDE still use Geramik, you might try physically replacing your Geramik with Plastig, if you don't really care for the former. - Jan 01 2004
Thank you. ^_^ I will release an update soon, so that GTK1 version will be less flaky and more consistent.

I might do Alloy as well in my spare time. Actually, Plastig is my very first attempt at making a theme at all! - Jan 01 2004
Yes, and in fact the GTK2 counterpart is better than the GTK1, which still requires a significant amount of work.

It so happens that just doesn't have a GTK 2.x theme section, so I had to put it into the GTK 1.x section to be consistent at least a little. :) - Jan 01 2004