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Thilo Maurer
KDE 3.x Splash Screens
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Flexible Plugin For KSplash

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 46 comments

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Feb 23 2005
another guess is that the you have not installed the ksplash flexible plugin, necessary for running this theme. You will have to install the folowing application:

The Thread for the plugin is located at

if you have installed it, maybe it was installed into the wrong diractoy. - Jul 11 2005
Huh, that's kinda strange.

try to diable openGL:


Please edit the theme.rc if you do not have accelerated OpenGL!!!
replace "UseOpenGL = true" with "UseOpenGL = false" in that case, to get better frame rates.

I that does not help.. maybe you got an old version of qt or something... that's really kinda strange... - Jul 11 2005
you are missing
in your include directory.

try to get the file somewhere on the web and copy it to the folder.
- Mar 15 2005
well lets see. first of all, i have no idea. First of all, are you using opengl or the standard stuff? Try compiling the stuff with debug option (look at the ksplashfelxible.h file and remove the // before #define ksplash_debug and look at the output while the splash is running)... Then we can get closer to a solution... hopefully - Feb 28 2005
now that is strange. are you in 24bit color mode? I guess, kde takes the wrong plugin. try the following. edit ksplashflexible.h and remove the // before #define ksplash_debug, recompile and reinstall.

Now try it again. if there pops a window up which the splash is running, well then it's my plugin. If not, its not and kde is using the wrong plugin. Then I guess i cannot help it. But if it's the right plugin, please post again... - Feb 23 2005
NAN is short for Not A Number, should be included by

Fix is coming... - Feb 23 2005
Well your compiler does not find the include file ksplash/themeengine.h, which is part of the kde headers. You can either find out in which kde package this file is included and reinstall that that package or do it the hardcore way: download themeengine.h for the internet. I think you can get it from
copy it to ksplash/themeengine.h in the source folder and remake.
That should do it. - Feb 14 2005
damn it, i did not know i was allowed to post HTML.

#include <cmath> - Feb 12 2005
proper solution:


thanks for bringing that up. I don't know why, but it compiled with my GCC3.4. Actually it should not. - Feb 12 2005
sounds interesing. I already thought of grabbing the whole desktop. Actually it's already implememted in the next (but unreleased version). Setting it the topmost widget sounds a good idea, bit in that case there will be again another "non-smooth" change when ksplash kills my engine after loading is complete.

Setting it the bottommost widget sounds better. Fading up the real desktop background would unfortunately use all cpu, but look marvelous. So I will have to see if there is a way to grab the wallpaper. I think this is possible using KSharedPixmap or something. - Feb 12 2005
mean 2.6.8-24.10 - Feb 12 2005
Not really. Difficult. Does it crash or quit normally? What exactly do you see?

I got kernel 2.4.8-24.10, qt 3.3.3-34
and kde 3.3.2-7. The splash is mainly based on QT. The thing is that I did not use any fancy qt stuff.

What you can do is the following:
Edit the source code of ksplashflexible.cpp and remove the "#" from the line "#define ksplash_debug", save, remake, reinstall and open Konsole in the directory, where you installed the Theme (i.e. where the Theme.rc is) and run "ksplash --test".

Watch the output for anything suspicious. - Feb 12 2005
problem fixed - Feb 12 2005
QImage with varying alpha Channel, bitBlt in onto Desktop. - Feb 11 2005
sorry bout that...
fix is coming this evening. - Feb 11 2005
you're right. It would be much better to have the splash screen smoothing up to the desktop. That should not be too difficult to do. Certainly some cpu power would be needed to do that, which is probably not tooooo good, as loading kde should be fast.

Implementing animated images shouldn't be a problem either. MNG support would be great.

Smooth effect between the changes won't be a problem.

Text effects: You mean dopping a shadow under the text?

This is a lot of work, but eventually I'll implement that stuff in v0.2. - Feb 09 2005
see updated description - Feb 09 2005
see updated description - Feb 09 2005
Icon-Fader for Redmond-Splash-Engine

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 5 comments

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Jan 03 2005
There will be a new splash engine in 3.4?

Too bad I just created a new splash engine myself

Probably all my work will be of no use... Well at least i got animated alpha blends, perhaps that's something new...

Havn't had a look at the new 3.4 splash engine yet... - Feb 17 2005
KDE 3.4

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 11 comments

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Nov 19 2004
You can actually make this splash now using the flexible plugin for ksplash i posted a couple of days ago...

I think I'll released an updated version of the engine in a couple of days that can fade away to you wallpaper. - Feb 17 2005
Brilliant Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 9 comments

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Aug 01 2008
missing file was fixed - Feb 11 2005
sorry bout that...
fix is coming this evening. - Feb 11 2005