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sam sam

Wallpaper Other by rubasu 16 comments

Very nice, keep it up ;) - Jun 30 2007

GTK2 Themes by arox1 9 comments

Hmm, let's say what you are saying is right, then why not upload it here so we can all have it ? (That's if you didn't upload already as I didn't find it around).

Thanks - Nov 05 2006
6,760 Fonts

Fonts by SeanParsons 62 comments

The list is sorted according to alphabetical order, it's not a Top 50 list, however it's a Best 50 list, with Maximal Beasts ranking number one, enjoy :

911 Porscha
As seen on TV Skew
Maximal Beasts
Mepis Phat
New Brilliant
New Detroit
New Horizons
Nu School Militia
Omicron Zeta Pressed
Omni Girl
Outer Limit Solid Extended
Perfect Pixel
Qswitch Ax
Ravefire 2.0
Saved By Zero
Sci Fied
Sonic Superpowers
Space Frigate
Square Unique
Star Down
Tele Marines
Thundergod II
Truck Transmission
Ultra 911
Wide Glide
Zero Threes - Nov 05 2006
6,760 Fonts

Fonts by SeanParsons 62 comments

Nice package, I can't beleive that I have that many fonts right now on my main system to choose from :D

Oh BTW that Maximal Beasts font kicks ass bigtime :)

Thanks Alot for going through the effort of making this package available for everyone over here ! - Nov 05 2006

GTK2 Themes by arox1 9 comments

Sorry, I didn't notice that it was already mentioned in the description, however ; that font that you mention is not a free one, you have to actually pay for it (as far as the search results indicated to me), I found a theme as nice as this one, if not a tad better, I found it while scrolling through the 6760 packages fonts which is awesome BTW [ ] here on, it's free and it's nice, it's called " Maximal Beasts " for all those that might interested in a theme that looks like what you have.

But Thanks Anyways. - Nov 05 2006

GTK2 Themes by arox1 9 comments

I like the font in the snapshot, what is the name of the font ? - Nov 04 2006
Darkly Glassed

Compiz Themes by kingrayray 27 comments

Really nice theme, this one is staying on my systems for good, thanks for making this, and having such a great artistic taste, keep it up :D - Oct 31 2006
Debian, Ubuntu and Gnome Blue

Wallpapers Ubuntu by VemeC 13 comments

Would it be possible for you to release a the original wallpaper without any logos at all ?

Thanks - Oct 29 2006
Blue Glass XCursors 3D

Cursors by ezteban 54 comments

Thanks for an awesome theme, keep it up. - Oct 29 2006

Cliparts by FISHERMAN 2 comments

Should make a wonderful addition to my icons collection, keep up the good work thanks. - Oct 29 2006
Disco Tux

Cliparts by thehazman 2 comments

I like DISCO Tux, keep it up :thumbsup - Oct 27 2006

Cliparts by ThinkPader 2 comments

Gothic ? LOL

Don't get me started, hehe...
The intention is to have an icon more suitable for dark GNOME themes, that's all.

ThinkPader - Sep 26 2006
sonnenanbeterin- green

Wallpaper Other by prettypics 5 comments

The mantis is such a badass insect and cool too, the only people that should be scared of them are pussies :P

But in reality they are harmless, again not so much for pussies :D

ThinkPader - Sep 24 2006
Fedora Rouge

Wallpaper Other by ThinkPader 3 comments

I posted one on the 1024 x 768 and another on the 1280 x 1024, does that qualify as double posting ? - Nov 19 2005
HAL 9000 Eye SVG

Cliparts by euxneks 3 comments

Two Thumbs up, this will fit nicley in one of my wallpaper projects for this website - Nov 18 2005

Wallpaper Other by ThinkPader 2 comments

No, I have just double checked.
look again. - Nov 13 2005