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Thomas Egenhofer
Linux will be pitiless

Wallpaper Other by DarkSide57 3 comments

jep.. really great artwork.. but the text doesnt really fit to linux.. perhaps changeing it to .. "Linux hunts bugs pitiless.." or something like this would fit better into the concept of linux ;)
anyway. i wanna see more of it!!=) - Dec 18 2006

Amor Themes by ThomasEgi 4 comments

it's no tool. it's a theme for
Amusing Misuse Of Resources. or short AMOR
this application usualy is included in the kdetoy package.
once you installed it you should be able to find the folder described in the readme. just copy the whole stuff into the amor folder and move the "edrc" to the other *rc files.
start or restart amor and you should be able to select it now (righklick on the amor-guy ->configure) - Dec 18 2006