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Karamba & Superkaramba
Task Bar (DynBar Style)

Karamba & Superkaramba 21 comments

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Mar 13 2005
What I do is to hide the KDE panel in the left (with autohide) and then launch superkaramba and leave it running.
When you log off, and on again, it will launch superkaramba automatically, i guess ... (it works for me) - Apr 21 2005
Well be sure that you have the icons targeted in the link files.

I only changed the basics since it was the first karamba I tried. try to execute superkaramba & from konsole and see what does it says about errors and so.

I hope to be helpful. - Jun 21 2004
I'm working on it for the 0.3 release, I hope to have it done for the next week or may be before. - Jun 21 2004
Thanks for the suggestions I will try to implant them in the 0.3 version.

I will also play a little with the virtual desktops letting the user to change a task from one desktop to another.

And thanks also to the 'good job' comment up there :). - Jun 17 2004
well, I'll tell you both.

The lower left theme is one i had done for myself and you can find it here:

(I uploaded it)

The lower center panel is a theme that I downloaded from, I think it was called DynBar or something like that. I suggest you to search it by that name in karamba section. - Jun 16 2004
At the bottom side of the creenshot I have a Sys Tray (where some applicaions -like kopete- leave their icons instead of levaing them in the task bar) and a panel like kicker.
Which one do you refer to? - Jun 16 2004
System Tray (DynBar Style)

Karamba & Superkaramba 15 comments

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Jun 16 2004
I have noticed that if you lock the position of the theme (right click/Toggle lock position) third button works better!!

(at least here in my linux).

Try and tell me. - Jun 17 2004

The first thing to do is to disable any other systray you have(kicker systray included).

I ve never had any problem like that, may be is the version of karamba, I use the superkaramba 0.33 iun a suse.

What's your version? - Jun 17 2004

Hi, that's one of the new features. If you clik with the middle button in the widget (not the icons) you can add space for new icons or remove that space.

try double click with the middle button if just a click doesn't work.

If you create more space and your icons doesn't replace, reload the theme with the new space. if it still doesn't replace, open the script and change the varible inc to more than 0 (which is the value now) and reload.

Let me know if you still have the problem or you solve it. - Jun 17 2004