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Christopher Young

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by domine 51 comments

I think this is REALLY cool. The one feature that I would like to see in mime-type detection, so that when I highlight an MP3 file, I can have options for that added under a context-sensitive section.

It would be nice if this integrated more with KDE's mime-types as well as the 'Preview With'.. 'Open with' menus. That way you could show the application icons on the sidebar.

Anyway... :) It's a good piece of work! At the absolute very least, it gives KDE developers something to chew on. - Sep 24 2003
Quite Blue (Red Hat)

Wallpaper Other by xinf 7 comments

The download link gives me the red one :) I prefer blue. - Feb 22 2003
My Kopete

Icon Sub-Sets by caldroun 19 comments

Don't really like the puzzle because of MS Office link, but the other one is great!
- Sep 26 2002
My Kopete

Icon Sub-Sets by caldroun 19 comments

Now THIS one is right on! Just perfect!

Would be nice if it had a ':)' or SOMETHING like that in it.
But, definitely right on! - Sep 25 2002
Kopete icon

Icon Sub-Sets by luci 7 comments

Don't really like it. Looks TOO worked up.
Application icons don't need to be complex, they need to be simple.
Plus, they need to be in a way that can be made into smaller versions as well.

It should also fit the upcoming default KDE icon set well.

This is just my opinion. - Sep 24 2002
Simple addon for crystal

Icon Sub-Sets by ra1n 8 comments

These are really cool, because I happen to use the special folder icons for folders on my system. Changing to crystal makes them look like real oddballs.

Could you create these in all of the needed sizes? That would really help alot.

I'm really thinking that there should be some sort of arrangement for getting things like this added to the official Crystal icon theme.

Anyway, these are cool. - Apr 27 2002

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by thoreau 11 comments

There will be a new one without the quote coming after the holidays. Look for possible version of this for other Linux distributions (probably starting with Debian, since I have that). If anyone has really good transparent logo for other distros/*BSDs then I'll be happy to put some of those out as well. Just email them to me - (

Happy Holidays!

thoreau - Dec 24 2001

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by thoreau 12 comments

You need to (as root), edit /etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup_0 file. RedHat uses xsri to load some of their stuff up on the screen.

Just comment out those lines which run xsri and xsetroot. This will take their stuff away. ;) Hopefully, redhat will make this easier to do in newer releases ;) HINT HINT! - Dec 12 2001
Yet another impressive piece of code from d. :) Keep it up! This is absolutely great. Can't wiat to see what you do with the options.

thoreau - Nov 30 2001
Just wanted to note that I still haven't been able to upload large tar.gz files to Otherwise, everyone could get my GIMP xcv file to use for stuff like this.

I will make it available via a website this week! I promise. Nice to see someone using my work.

thoreau - Nov 29 2001
KSplash/ML (Release 0.73)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by detsaot 34 comments

Yet another nice release. This is really, really coming along. Hopefully, the core KDE developers will consider allowing it to replace the current KSplash!

A couple of comments:
1. Can we change the KControl icon to something a little less generic? ;) It would be cool if the icon was little more like a Splash screen.

2. Is there a way to force a specific background UNTIL the user's desktop is completely available? I would like to make a special version of my KDE2-Login-Background that appears behind KSplash/ML's stuff while the user's session is loading .

3. Would it be possible to have KSplash/ML display addition text within the splash pic? I would like to be able to make a custom Splash screen and put (eventually, internationalized) text there, like "please wait...".

I know this is alot of stuff! I just get into adding little visual stuff like nice splash screens, login screens, etc. :)

Anyway, I really, really like KSplash/ML. It is really coming along very well!

thoreau (Chris) - Nov 16 2001
linux box

Wallpaper Other by hermanitosverdes 5 comments

I really like this wallpaper. Really simple, but that's what makes it cool! - Nov 15 2001

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by thoreau 12 comments

Just need a good transparent BSD Daemon image, and it will be done! I plan on making this available for everything I can think of (Mandrake, SuSE, Slackware, etc.). Hopefully, once I can get a sizable file to upload to, I'll make the GIMP xcf file available and everyone can filter their work into me ;) - Nov 15 2001