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Thoughtful User

Wallpaper Other by msl 10 comments

I think Seniazi is probably right.
BTW: speaking of easy image mods...there appears to be a peninsula of sand in the upper right that is ABOVE sky. I had started to adjust colors to make it appear to be a nice sunny day when I discovered the "flying" peninsula! which point I decided I didn't understand the image. The horizon should be a colinear extension of that sand spit to the left of the palm tree ?!?
To the photographer: Just some increased saturation and gamma correction makes this image much nicer. - Sep 15 2011

Wallpaper Other by msl 10 comments

I could guess, but I don't want to get into another argument with the religious crowd.
This image portrays an article of faith :D (for them) - Sep 15 2011
I.H.S. Cross Mosaic

Wallpaper Other by thoughtfulUser 5 comments

If you type "Nazi cardinal" into Google image search, it will reward you with a visual cascade of similar atrocities.
The history of Latin (what a misnomer) America, the Crusades, protestants, Jews, and anybody they didn't like is all very similar.
Its foolish to consider the "cross" to be a symbol of peace, righteousness, or even (especially) of Biblical Christianity.
Its just a Roman symbol of raw bloody conquest and immorality.
Read history.
Read the Bible.
You'll see. - Sep 07 2011
Linux freedom

Wallpaper Other by paolino63 1 comment

You're two images can't be downloaded without logging in to your image host. And I'm guessing most people don't really want to join more image hosts. - Aug 19 2011

Wallpaper Other by barci78 6 comments

Has anyone ever Gimped the no-bra-panties version of this? I'm half way to that now. But it occurred to me that someone might have already done that.
Anybody know?

Is that original enough artwork???
;) - May 15 2011
H.L Grl

Wallpaper Other by hlcreations750 1 comment

The page that the download button links to does not contain the picture in the thumbnail.
The instructions for the picture are [sic] "searh more photoes", two misspellings in a single phrase!
I don't know what search is suggested. Is it "more photoes", or "more photos", or "photos", or...or...
There is no button on the page that links to more photos.
The thumbnail does not link to a preview of the image. It links to another if I needed one.

In conclusion, this posting deserves a very poor rating in its current state. It wastes everyone's time and effort. Perhaps it should be removed. - May 05 2011
Wolf in sheep's clothing

Wallpaper Other by pentux 1 comment

lol...I think you're absolutely right.
And the idea of blurred shadow on her face is a good one.
I wonder if there's a way to make the predatory parallelism less giving her eyes a yellowish wolf-in-headlights glow...or slightly more canine teeth..or hint at disheveled wolf-like fur...or elongate her eyes...or put a "feminist" wolfpack hiding in the dark background.
I think I'd try to stay away from the tired over-used vampire skip the canine teeth thing.
What you're saying is a very different thing.
- Apr 01 2011
Prophet 2011 - II.

Wallpaper Other by linuxlex 5 comments

The girl on rocky outcropping against the clouds is all a nice touch. Looks like a goddess 4km up above the clouds presiding over her domain. That's what it looks like atop a 13000 foot mountain on a cloudy day.
I like this.
- Mar 30 2011
linux is sexy plymouth-splash

Plymouth Themes by n3cr0-0 5 comments

no worries...
BTW: That's a nice site. I didn't know about it.
tnx - Feb 26 2011
linux is sexy plymouth-splash

Plymouth Themes by n3cr0-0 5 comments

For the liberal minded, and
for anyone wanting to learn GIMP, its a fairly simple exercise to smudge out the bikini in this image. Several easy-to-learn techniques (in combination) do it convincingly. - Feb 26 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions by lunimare 20 comments

ok, thanks, found it, got it
- Feb 21 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions by lunimare 20 comments

YES! ...exactly...that was my question.
What is that version???
I couldn't find it. - Feb 21 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions by lunimare 20 comments

oh...and krosspython is already installed.
4:4.5.1-0ubuntu3 - Feb 21 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions by lunimare 20 comments

I tried loading KDELibs and searched for libkrosspython in an amd64 version. This install script tries to put in an i386 library. But no joy.
Any assistance out there would be appreciated.
- Feb 21 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions by lunimare 20 comments

Sorry about that.
It was so small (just a bunch of karamba callbacks) that I didn't see it.
And it looks fine.
Many apologies for the false alarm.
Sorry to bother everybody.
- Feb 21 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions by lunimare 20 comments

It has no source.
Better to rip out the gifs and music and write one's own code...should only require some calls to the gif display libraries.
It could be done even better with an FFT/Hilbert decomposition to synchronize gif frame advance with the music.

Plasma 4 Extensions by lunimare 20 comments

No, I don't see any python source.
I only see which seems to be binary.
Where should I be looking?????
- Feb 21 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions by lunimare 20 comments

thanks - Feb 21 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions by lunimare 20 comments

The original microshaft .exe from VirtualGirl maintained continuous TCP/IP connections with VirtualGirl's central server without any explanation as to why.
So why would I let someone run an undisclosed .exe on my system?
So, QUESTION: Is the source for this public? Can I examine it? Can I compile it myself?
Otherwise, is this spyware?
But I do like the concept of a dancing girl on my desktop...just not if its poking thru my machine. - Feb 21 2011

People by linuxlex 21 comments

Open both images as layers scaled and translated to match. Then click the layer visibility back and forth to see the smudge stroking.
I had never thought about just smudging existing photography to make it look like painting. I've always wanted to add (or subtract) to get something new, even if its only a mosaic.
I think I got cheated. - Jan 11 2011

People by linuxlex 21 comments

I wish I could do that with complex shapes and textures. - Jan 10 2011
001 Pink Cloud

Wallpaper Other by sanzoy 2 comments

Perhaps there is some subtle difference in this from the previous half dozen. But I can't find it.
Others have complained that pasting a Gnome logo on some existing photograph represents insufficient artistic skill.
This (and all it predecessors save one) represent even less. A quick GIMP adjustment in the "Colorize" or "Color Balance" menu choice results in, we are to suppose, more "beauty".
The first was nice. But please, no more.

On a more constructive note:
Please consider convolutions, texturizing, optical effects like flares, or layering transparencies. Or even start with a different base image. I would be glad to help anyone understand how to do any of these things.

"Deceitful are the kisses of an enemy. But faithful are the wounds of a friend." - Jan 07 2011

Wallpaper Other by jc852654 5 comments

I guess we are to conclude women are disgusting and Renoir was wrong to paint them with such explicit impressionism.
...and we are wrong too????

I believe Renoir's statement was something like, "If God had not created the female breast, I would never have gone into art."

BTW: I like "Olympia", by Edouard Manet. Make no mistake. She was painted as a prostitute with demonic symbols.

(And don't make the lame "this is not that art" argument. NOTHING on this site is that.)

And I am not a prude. - Nov 16 2010
Ubuntu Maverick Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by linuxtotal 2 comments

It would be nice to include one picture of the relevant animal inside the available wallpapers in the distribution of each Gnome release (or KDE, XCFE, etc.) this one. - Oct 31 2010
Christina Ricci Cafe

Wallpaper Other by zekinash 5 comments

The majority of the western world is overweight. I really appreciate these pictures as incentive to get back down to a healthier level.
We'll all live longer.
Thank You! - Sep 27 2010
Clearlooks Revamp Alternative

Beryl/Emerald Themes by garthecho 8 comments

The clearlooks theme that comes with Ubuntu makes the frames transparent.
My question, though, are there themes that already have window contents transition to semi-transparent when window focus events happen elsewhere.

I'm just :) stinking lazy enough that I was hoping someone else had already worked this out :) .

Sorry for the hassle...
:) - Aug 18 2010
Clearlooks Revamp Alternative

Beryl/Emerald Themes by garthecho 8 comments

What theme is there that makes windows (incl. all components) settably semi-transparent when not having the focus?
Is there one? - Aug 17 2010

Wallpaper Other by janloo24seven 1 comment

Is this the punchline to an elaborate setup? - Aug 09 2010
WTF? 7.0

Wallpaper Other by janloo24seven 3 comments

The scale is wrong,
The lighting is wrong.
The angles and geometry are wrong.
There's no shading or highlighting.
It has nothing to do with Gnome or Linux.
Its so puerile it took 10 secs to create.

But its all great because its totally neuter. - Aug 09 2010
trisquel is sexy 1

Wallpaper Other by yag-kosha 2 comments

anybody home?
(previous caustic insult deleted by the writer). - Jun 14 2010

Wallpaper Other by Kundrius 2 comments

Works on several pun intended. - Jun 10 2010
Distrofy Gimp Plugin

Gimp Splashes by sleepynate 15 comments

I know this is off topic, but....
Where the heck do you find the documentation for the available Scheme functions under GIMP? I've looked all over!
I don't mean a tutorial. I already know Scheme. Where is the REFERENCE MANUAL! ...or even just a list of functions with short descrip and args? - Apr 20 2010
Tori Black

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by zeio333 1 comment

THis pic is even more fun when you Gimp out her bra and panties.
Easy to do since both are such minimal area. Just follow the shadows and highlights. - Apr 17 2010
Lovin' it

Wallpaper Other by Bear73 7 comments

No problem there!

Just chip some of the layers of gold off the buildings at the Vatican and redistribute its fabulous wealth.

Besides, don't they teach that greed is a deadly sin? and the lust for such luxuries?

They clearly need to let go of their pride (what they teach is the root of all evil ... NOT what the Bible teaches) and adopt humility.

What better way is there to feed and clothe the poor? - Apr 10 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments too...everything u said....ditto. - Apr 09 2010
Lovin' it

Wallpaper Other by Bear73 7 comments

You're certainly among the intelligentsia.

Just skim the parts about the Papal Nuncio to Germany who became Pius XII. There are quite a few of those parts as his involvement was close. Note that he was Catholicism's previous "Nazi Pope".

Then there's the Vatican's underground railroad to rescue principals from the Nuremberg trials. Papers signed by Vatican officials. They sometimes dressed Nazi's as priests. The escape route went physically through the Vatican using it as a safe house. I can't remember if this is mentioned in "Third Reich". I seem to remember reading somewhere that this was the reason why the Nuremberg Trials were so small and short. - Apr 09 2010
Lovin' it

Wallpaper Other by Bear73 7 comments

I know of yet more catholics who took it up the tailpipe while young and still refuse to sue or file charges. So your "Lovin' It" subtext is more appropriate than you know.

I still don't think world opinion has fully grasped how deep this problem goes. And Roman Catholicism has fended off these charges so many times in the past that they may succeed yet again.

If they DON'T succeed, they will need a world war to distract us all. That part truly terrifies me in this day and age.
Nobody has ever done World Wars better than the Vatican. See "The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich" by Shirer. - Apr 09 2010
Debian Babe

Wallpapers Debian by avkhatri 2 comments

I always think the face of a lovely woman is her most beautiful part.
Its always been logically consistent that Islamics cover women's faces. Its such a tragedy that most religion has rejected God's best gifts...all in the name of power and money.
(And I'm not completely sure, but) if you search the 'net, you'll discover the rest of her is lovely too.

...if you know what I mean ;) ;) - Apr 09 2010
Gmail colour scheme for Gedit

Gedit Color Schemes by impressia 4 comments

me too - Apr 05 2010
Linux girls

Wallpaper Other by Bear73 9 comments

I'm not gonna play the Roman Catholic Game. (The Game works as follows).

Roman Catholicism commits some atrocity. (Choose any of the many superlative examples from history.) The victims and those who care about justice complain loudly. Roman Catholicism uses its role as definer of all morality to declare the complaints immoral (e.g. hate crimes or whatever) and illegal. The victims become the sinners in need of "forgiveness". The original atrocity is glossed over and forgotten.

Thus is justice made illegal.
Its happening again. And YOU want to help. - Apr 04 2010
Linux girls

Wallpaper Other by Bear73 9 comments

...and I'm TERRIFIED they're gonna try to do it again! - Apr 03 2010
Linux girls

Wallpaper Other by Bear73 9 comments

They say you should only like little boys.

What are the stats? 81% of the priests in jail got there for doing little boys.

Oh, and the new Vatican hot-line for sex abuse was promptly overwhelmed by almost 2450 calls in the first few days. They had to shut it down after "counseling" only a few dozen.

<sarcasm> They're so moral. You should be ashamed for posting this. </sarcasm>
- Apr 03 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

People, we need to carefully avoid blanket statements on this subject. Just because RCism is big and bad doesn't mean ALL religions are the same. For example, the Egyption Book of the Dead laid out ground rules for marriage that condemned marital unfaithfulness. Murder is condemned for religious reasons, etc.

Also, religion is a LOT older than 2000 years. (Cuneiform religious tablets, anyone?) I think we could all benefit by doing some reading on the subject.

Nevertheless, the history of RC hypocrisy is so bad it sucks dead toads.
- Mar 22 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

In answer to your question: see the Wikipedia article on "lust". Roman Catholicism INVENTED pedophilia in the 4th C. If you doubt that, read Thomas Aquinas thoughts on marriage in Summa Theologica. Then there are many other books to confirm this. READ instead of trolling/sanitizing history like the Catholics are doing on the Wikipedia page on Roman Catholic sex abuse!!

SECONDLY: RCism is NOT "the Church". How dare you claim exclusive ownership to essentially GOD's domain. Every time I hear some Roman Catholic <expletive deleted> refer to RCism as "the Church", I want to puke.

So, yes, attacks on RC pedophilia is correct and moral and just. - Mar 22 2010
Church exit

Wallpaper Other by mtax 142 comments

When people tell the truth about evil behavior, that's moral responsibility, not bad taste.
This has been going on for 16 centuries. Its about time people act with sufficient courage to speak out with all the eloquence, acrimony (if need be), and ridicule (if need be) that the practice deserves.
- Mar 22 2010

GTK2 Themes by AresRog 8 comments

Don't blame him.
The central problem is that Roman Catholicism has been scamming the world's religions for 1600 years on this subject. This is why we have the heavily spin-doctored translation of that often-quoted verse, Mt 5:28. If you read ancient Greek, you discover it doesn't say that at all.
And then there are all the verses that the standard bible-quoters ignore because they're just too uncomfortable.
I'm really getting tired of pointing out documented and verifiable fact to people who don't want to hear.
These people just really don't want to hear what Jesus Christ actually said. - Feb 07 2010

GTK2 Themes by AresRog 8 comments

The great impressionist Renoir once said, "If it hadn't been for the female breast, I never would have gone into art."
- Feb 07 2010

GTK2 Themes by AresRog 8 comments

Regarding Mt 5:28
Please look up "lust" at for a theological history of lust in general and a Koine Greek analysis of that verse in particular.

I used to think this KJV quotation was a proper translation. Now I know it is wrong. - Feb 06 2010
Opening The Source

Wallpaper Other by rgcirrus 4 comments

Clever and creative... - Dec 08 2009

Wallpaper Other by sidero 18 comments

"Sick wallpaper" ???
Roman Catholic theologians debated for centuries whether sex with one's wife or sex with one's mistress was the more evil.
Thomas Aquinas argued things about heterosexual desire that are truly preposterous.
Its no wonder priests prefer little boys and no wonder people can't recognize normalcy.
Why should you accept/expound their twisted definition of "morality" even for an instant?

Its all very sad. - Nov 23 2009
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F.B.I theme

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H.L Grl

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Wolf in sheep's clothing

Wallpaper Other
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Prophet 2011 - II.

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Sexy Ubuntu

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Eternal Love

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GDM Themes
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