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Youtube playlist

VLC Playlist Parsers by exebetche 360 comments

The Addon "Youtube Playlist" works with "Hackpro" Code-Correction in line 44, downstairs in the older Comments.
Successful Tests with the following Examples:
- Windows 10: VLC-Player Version 3.0.8 (64-Bit), no success with (3-/64-Bit)
- Windows 7: VLC-Player Version (32-Bit) - Oct 18 2019
Micro Controls

VLC Extensions by Wolvan


I adapt the original VLC-Extension "Micro Controls" with small reduced Functions.
This Extension Version 1.0.8 works fine with VLC-Player 3.0.6 (32-Bit) under Windows 7 and Windows 10 Operating Systems.

Please delete the File-Extension *.txt after download.

Copy the File "microcontrols-108.lua" in the described Directory for the installed VLC-Player.

Restart the VLC-Player and open the Menu / View / with Selection of the Extension "Small Controls for VLC".
The [Catch]-Button open a loaded Playlist in the MicroControls Windows.

Thomas - Mar 11 2019