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Nadine /Tic79 , Germany
ddragon's GTK blue - squared

GTK2 Themes by ddragon 9 comments

"It looks dated, amateurish and it is too blue. "
Sorry, but I think it looks just fine!
Well, nope, it's a really good work.
The icons are big enough and fit smoothly in.
The Text is the right size and color to be easily read.
The background graphic is nice and smooth, without being to flashy.
So sorry to disappoint, but it looks like the good work it is!
Too blue??
Ok, this one leaved me a little dumbstruck, hey,where are your glasses??

I like it, it's a great theme!!
Thank you for sharing!!
- Feb 04 2009

GDM Themes by christina 14 comments

After, I don't know how many (semi-) naked woman, I'm really happy I found this Theme!

Because I'm a woman and don't like (semi-) naked females on my screen :-P (No Offense!!)

Thank you for sharing this! - Jan 16 2009