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Marc Arthur Camilien Orlando, United States of America
Gnome 2 Splash Screens
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Icon Sub-Sets 4 comments

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Jun 19 2008
You should REALLY think about putting a few previews. I don't wanna have to download a theme just to see what it looks like...
Maybe even a screenshot or two? - Jun 19 2008
Splash ARGB (mockup)

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 12 comments

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May 19 2007
Why are you classifying this as a mockup?
In the current state of Gnome, this is very well possible. Just use a .png file as your base, add an alpha layer and blur the final image.
You will get EXACTLY what you wanted. You should try it out though, 'cause I think it would look really nice.
I've done/used quite a few ARGB splash screens myself... And the best thing is (at least for me), compiz need not be installed for this to work since transparency is native in pngs! - Jun 11 2008
elementary Icons

Full Icon Themes 330 comments

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Apr 09 2010
I absolutely love your icon theme. However, I've noticed a small glitch w/ your new wifi signal icons (which I think are absolutely marvelous), sometimes the signal bar reverts to the default instead of the new one at different signal strenghts. I am thinking that it must be that a few percentages don't have an icon associated with them. I am not an expert in icon packs, so I can tell which ones, but I guess hopefully a quick-and-dirty look through the pack should give you which exact percentages give rise to that behavior.
Other than that, PERFECT WORK!
I congratulate you on this pack. It makes my desktop look so clean! - May 21 2008
Simplest Splash

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 14 comments

by Tiede
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Jun 27 2007
I know this is late, but for anyone else wondering, here's how to change the splash:
Open Gconf (I personally use Alt+F2 and type in gconf-editor)
Browse to apps->gnome-settings
In there, the splash image directory will be written on the right pane. Change it to point to the theme you wish.
Log out of gnome, log back in, and enjoy! - Jan 23 2007
Oh no, thank you. Your comment have made my day! - Oct 22 2006
yes. It will generate it. The idea is to put it on a transparent part of the background, when I do that, I notice the text all but goes away automagically :) - Oct 18 2006
yes. It will generate it. The idea is to put it on a transparent part of the background, we I do that, I notice the text all but goes away automagically :) - Oct 18 2006
My idea was to make the text "disappear" all together, since I thought it was just futile. I guess I didn't live enough shadow on the bottom to hide it in. I don't know if I should leave the text there or make sure it will not be displayed at all. If only I could put it to vote...
Thanks for your input though. - Oct 18 2006
Thanks for the comment. I think I'm hooked! I was thinking of doing a distro-independant version, now I can't wait to finish it. :) - Oct 16 2006
Ubuntu Edgy GDM

GDM Themes 1 comment

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Sep 07 2006
Euh... Preview please??? - Jan 02 2007
Gensplash - Fingerprint

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 2 comments

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Dec 21 2006
I noticed in your screenshot, it is said that linux is the most powerful operating system "on" the world. That sentence is grammatically wrong, You can use either "'In' the World" or "'On' the planet." Care to change it?
P.S: Keep up the good work. - Dec 21 2006
The Orange Conversion

Gnome Screenshots 3 comments

by Tiede
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Nov 04 2006
The set of icons you saw is a work in progress... I haven't finished with them yet. Patience, grasshopper :) - Nov 05 2006
Moon On Ice

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Nov 04 2006
This image had the potential to be sooooo cool! I do like the idea though. So if it ever happens again, try to have the moon a little more centered - I know,"Not the middle!!!". Off-centered is cool and all, but to much of is just well, too much. And also maybe if at all possible, it could be done with a better resolution. Doesn't have to be an expansive camera, even a little 'toshop touch-up' can help in this case... :D Congrats anyways! Keep'em comin'! - Nov 04 2006
Ubuntu Glossy Orange

Wallpapers Ubuntu 17 comments

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Nov 16 2006
Thank you so much! I do not know how long I've been waiting for such a nice work. It's just perfect. Thanks a thousand times over! - Nov 03 2006
ATER System Sounds

System Sounds 18 comments

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Aug 12 2006
I downloaded it and used Audacity to convert the files from .mp3 to .wav
The process is a bit tedious, but totally worth it!
Another excellent product to complete the ATER theme. (Can't wait for the GTK!:) - Oct 22 2006
Ubuntu BlueScape

Wallpapers Ubuntu 2 comments

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Oct 15 2006
I really dig this one. It's got a certain feel to it. I'd have preferred the logo and text a little lower, but I can live with it as it is. Congrats! - Oct 15 2006

Various Gnome Stuff 21 comments

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Jun 02 2005
Make sure you have the universe repositories enabled, then type in a terminal: sudo apt-get install gdesklets
Enjoy!!! - Oct 15 2006

Gnome 2 Splash Screens 14 comments

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Jan 29 2006
well, you can try making a .splash directory in your home folder,and drag all the splashes you like in it.
Then, in Applications->System->Gconf Config Editor, go to apps->gnome-sesion->options
click on splash image, the field is open for editing. Type in /home/*username*/.splash/*splash_picture's_name.png* - Jan 25 2006

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

by MiXa
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Sep 22 2004
hey, I really like the color of this theme. But I have one major problem: When I am surfing with Firefox and sometimes in some of the other programs, I cannot see the text because it is white on a white background. Does anyone know a fix for that? - Nov 16 2005
Tobacco Sky

GDM Themes 7 comments

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Nov 24 2004
I LOVE your theme. I think it is one of the coolest... But I just have on little problem: Because the length of the Input promt is a tiddy bit short, in French, it does not display correctly (It kinda gets cut in the middle ) when asking for the password. Say if it was English, it would just say "pass|" instaead of "password". Can it be fixed or is it too difficult (too much to ask) ? - Mar 04 2005
Drink Linux!!

Wallpaper Other
by DavidOtero

Score 78.2%
9   Sep 03 2012
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