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Michael Leamy , Canada

System Software by LandertRene 68 comments

I am a parent, and I am planning on teaching my children about COMPUTERS ... not just Windows. That said, let me be one of the first to let you know that any version of this that gets ported to the 4.x line of KDE will be immediately installed by myself. Nothing beats proper parental supervision, but those of us who know that we humans are actually fallable will understand how this type of app is a very useful tool to assist with that supervision. Thanks for your effort so far, and if ever you decide to port it upward to 4.x, we will be very appreciative. - Jan 21 2009
Weather Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by painkiller101 1 comment

Every time I try to download I am redirected to an altogether incorrect url. In other words, no joy so far. Nice icons though ... :-( - Nov 06 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions by sebshop 11 comments

As a linux user who trades on the TSX, I just have to thank you for thinking of this little gem. I am not yet converted to KDE 4.x yet, but I have already reviewed and saved your code for the day I do. Just seeing your screen shot makes me want to upgrade a.s.a.p.

kudos! - Aug 03 2008

Wallpaper Other by D3rko 2 comments

It is difficult for us to decide if you have made a good wallpaper if you only place thumbnails in the preview. Please consider making some slightly larger previews. - Aug 26 2007

Amarok Themes by klayman 3 comments

I don't mean to sound negative, and perhaps I am just being dense, but shouldn't the screen shot of your Amarok theme show some part of Amarok? Perhaps check to make sure you uploaded the correct graphic. - Jan 02 2007
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