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Dolphin Service Menus

Dolphin Service Menus 65 comments

by timb
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Feb 16 2009 doesn't currently work on KDE 4.x as reported by some kUbuntu folk. I haven't yet migrated to KDE 4.x on my Debian boxes, so I can't debug the issue at this time. If anyone wants to send me a patch to resolve this problem, that would be great otherwise you'll have to wait till KDE 4.x hits unstable. - Feb 16 2009
The latest version in CVS has this patch applied (+ some other changes). I will release it shortly. - Dec 18 2007
Great :) Whilst I don't like to see the wheel reinvented, I'm glad I inspired you. Actually, you also inspired me, see the 2.0 release for more details. - Dec 01 2007
Good tip, my install details are for a local installation but yes, your directions will work if you wish to install it globally. - Nov 19 2007
I think I may have manged to reproduce and fix this bug, I will be making another release shortly if you care to give it a spin. - Nov 19 2007
It doesn't work from the command line since it attempts to talk to its parent process (which it assumed will be Konqueror) using DCOP. I suppose I could add a patch around that so that it can also be used from the command line if people think that this would be useful? - Nov 19 2007
Can you be a bit more specific as to what you're doing... maybe send me a screen shot or something ( I run KDE 3.5.7 on Debian and it works just fine. - Aug 18 2007
Seems okay here, can you retry the link? - Jun 04 2007
Version 1.8 also resolves this problem. - May 29 2007
Looks like you're suffering from the same problem as Declan (see above). I will post a patched version tonight. - May 24 2007
These have been added to 1.7 in CVS - Feb 18 2007
Fixed :) - Jan 17 2007
Fixed - Jan 17 2007
Fixed - Jan 17 2007
Hopefully the screenshot I've uploaded should make it a little clearer. - Aug 23 2006
The problem with Ruby is that it's a non standard language. As for the menu items, I use them, so I wouldn't want them to go away. The sidebar plugin for Konqi doesn't really float my boat I'm afraid. That being said, I am intending to rework it at some stage, it's all a matter of time. Having said, that CVS tree is there, so have a play and maybe we can work together. I know another guy who is also working on service menus based on my idea, maybe we can all work together. Drop me an email if you're interested. - Aug 22 2006
Sounds like it, I will patch the version in CVS shortly. Incidentally I'm going to make uiflag optional. - Apr 04 2006
This patch is included in 1.2. - Apr 01 2006
Basically you need to modify the line saying my $username = ""; to my $username = "";. The version in CVS makes this clear in the scripts comments. - Dec 18 2005
This is exactly why I'm developing the next version in Kommander, I want to give all the KDE monkeys a wonderfully rich interface. - Jul 06 2005
I don't see why not, I may hold off adding it until the 1.0 release which is currently being written to use Kommander for a far richer interface. 0.5+ will just be fixes. - Jun 23 2005
The security issue reported for versions 0.4 has now been fixed in 0.5. Authentication is now done via HTTP Basic Authentication. - Jun 22 2005
This has now been fixed in 0.5. Authentication is now done via HTTP Basic Authentication. I suck, I know. Ironically the 1.0 release has a completely different backend which wouldn't have been susceptible because it's going to use Kommander and the API but there we go. - Jun 22 2005
It's back... the site is being redesigned and I forgot to update with the new URL. - May 15 2005
If anyone has any features they'd like to see in, please let me know. I was thinking of using Kommander to provide a better interface for configuration and book marking, but what do people think? - Jan 07 2005

Dolphin Service Menus 11 comments

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Jan 21 2007
Or you could try which simply interfaces with Konqueror :). - Dec 19 2007
Kopete OTR Plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 57 comments

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Mar 03 2008
Now all us Kopete users have the choice between GPG and OTR to keep our conversations secure. Great for dealing with GAIM users :) - Mar 21 2007

Dolphin Service Menus 3 comments

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Mar 07 2006
That's ;) - Mar 23 2006
Firefox-bookmarks service menu

Dolphin Service Menus 1 comment

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Feb 25 2005
Take a look at, a service menu designed to allow posting of bookmarks to There are plugins that do the same thing for Firefox and many other browsers, and as a bonus, your bookmarks will be available wherever you can get on line. - May 29 2005