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This information has been available online for those willing to look...

With regard to the comment that the problem is a "lack of culture"... It is exactly the opposite. It is a part of computer culture and established "jargon" to call these sorts of programs daemons. A daemon refers to a kind of program that sits in the background waiting for some sort of event or input to trigger it. One of the earliest was a program named "DAEMON" that monitored a print spool directory waiting for new files to process. You (or your program) put a new file in the spool folder and the daemon program would notice and process it for you. There were, early on, other terms used for these sorts of programs including "dragon".

So since PowerDevil is a type of program commonly known in Computer Science tradition and specifically in the UNIX and Linux traditions (i.e. culture) as a "daemon", the name PowerDevil is also a play on words with regard to it's archetype. It is a background program that waits for some other program or condition to trigger it into action.

Having said all that, it seems that there is some connection to the idea of a hidden or lurking spirit that magically does something behind the scenes. But if you are so bothered, you are probably just a little too hung up on the meanings you read into it. And a little lazy for not doing your homework. The jargon file has been around on-line for ages and ages. It is not hard to find the reference with some light seraching. - Apr 30 2016