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tim Felgentreff
Tux G2

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by Rennou 7 comments

Very nice work, looks great! - May 27 2006

GTK2 Themes by timme 7 comments

That bar is the new E17 shelf. It's in the current cvs, but i dont recommend it for now (have gone back to a previous cvs myself) It was commited by accident and its neither fully configurable nor completely stable. Also most of the modules dont work anymore. Btw: done two icon themes for e17 as well: I'm just about to finish an iconset creation tool allowing you to update all your eap's icons at once and very quickly. I'll post it in the forums - May 13 2006

GTK2 Themes by timme 7 comments

The background I use is from E17. You can get a png here:

I'll try to fix the menu as well as a few other inconsistencies with the E17-bling-theme and add a metacity theme as soon as possible, but I don't really have much time to do this at the moment. So please be patient, I'm on it - Apr 28 2006