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Browser by Timmmm 8 comments

Yeah currently it only looks at the first rtsp link. I like your suggestion for multiple downloads. I'll probably do it when I have time - shouldn't be too hard.

Also for now if you want to shutdown after they are all finished you could do it based on time. E.g. if you are downloading an hour long programme, tell it to shut down in an hour and 10 minutes. That assumes you know how long it is in advance though. - May 12 2007
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Browser by Timmmm 8 comments

Yeah that could be cool. Maybe if I have time... - May 08 2007
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Browser by Timmmm 8 comments

Thanks for the feedback!

I'll try to fix those compilation errors. And I can turn all the output off - forgot I left mplayer's logging on.

"it couldn't be launched properly when I opened the .ram files with the keeplistening binary"

Weird, what happens when try, and what is the location and content of the ram file? - Apr 15 2007

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments

It's good, but it's just too slow and buggy for my use. Specifically:

* Next track takes on the order of 300 ms - way too slow.
* Scrolling through the KHTML Lyrics/Context bits is painful. You can watch as it renders.

* It freezes with ridiculous frequency. Don't know what causes it but it surely can't be one bug. It just froze by me dragging a track from one place to another.
* What's worse is that if it freezes without you noticing, the music stops normally. Naturally you think 'damn hidden tracks' and press your next-track shortcut key, only to have amarok grab the keyboard and block all keypresses! Nothing is more annoying than having to write 'killall amarokapp' without the keyboard!

Juk would be ideal if it had automatic lyrics getting, and the search was fast. One day I shall find the ideal music player.
- Sep 14 2006