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Beryl/Emerald Themes
NaturalPhenomenon by to-M! 1.0

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by to-Mi
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Sep 21 2008
oh yes, your buttons is very-very nice!!
would match really the two, take on MSN my nick: I solve talking in English :) I would be glad if he would manage to solve it!

okay for me what you wrote, I make an attempt somehow in that manner to make that let him be seen properly, only currently little my time, but already 40% is ready :)

and thx the feedback! - Sep 24 2008
in all two cases, if coffee, does not show altogether :S other hint?

mind a két esetben, ha fekete, egyáltalán nem látszik :S egyéb tipp? - Sep 22 2008
I say thank you for the comment, I work on him yet! True is :) (Köszönöm a kommentet, dolgozok rajta még! Igazad van :)) - Sep 21 2008