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Todd Stephens
Oops (ha ha ha)

Wallpaper Other by SetoKiaba 13 comments

On a side note: Linux is based more in Europe and the eastern world than in America, so dont generalize when youre talking about legislation. You mean AMERICAN legislation, the rest of us dont have any stupid laws like that :)

I'm having some trouble rationalizing this. Linux is "based" outside of the US? What validates that statement? - Jun 29 2003
Tribute to NYC

Wallpaper Other by aemadrid 9 comments

There are many idiots here who think every wallpaper must blatantly show that damn penguin or have a big "K" on it. First of all, KDE runs on systems other than Linux. There is actually an entire project for KDE on FreeBSD. Second, why do we (the users) need to be reminded of what we are running? I don't recall it being a prereqresuite that windows wallpapers have a big multi-colored flag emblazoned on them.

The "K" in KDE has nothing to do with coming after the letter "L" in the alphabet. From the KDE website: The "K" did indeed stand for "Kool" for a brief period of time back when the earth was warm and dinosaurs terrorized Ringo Starr. In October 1996, Matthias Ettrich posted a message asking for help creating a desktop for his girlfriend which he called the "Kool Desktop Environment", mostly as a pun on CDE (the Common Desktop Environment). They were Common, we were Kool.

You can read the full text here: - Jun 29 2003
Slick Icons 1.5 pre2

Icon Sub-Sets by Amibug 168 comments

I'm not crazy about some of the changes. I had to uninstall the new version and revert back to the version that ships default with KDE 3.1 (whatever that may be). I like the konq icon with the spider better. Also, I noticed in the 1.4 version that the kmenu icon doesn't appear correctly. I looked in the icon set, and the correct icon is present, but for some reason the one that got displayed on my system was from the default crystal set. I use slick mainly for the reason that it is not crystal and not aqua, etc. Sorry to bag on your improvements, but at least I am still with slick :) - Jun 28 2003
Steel Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Doches 48 comments

I love the various metallic wallpapers. This is the perfect complement to those. I'm sick to death of all the damn aqua crap out there. QUIT DOING THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER PEOPLE!!! - Jun 21 2003