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Tobias WeiíŸ
Lyrics Plasmoid

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Jan 31 2011
I wanted to use lyricsplasmoid with tomahawk player, but didn't worked for me. Therefor I changed some things in the sourcefile "lyrics_sources.h" and compiled it as described in the "README" file. But before I had to uninstall the older version completely.
The changes in "lyrics_sources.h" I made are firstly in line 41:

extract_patterns.append(QPair< QString, QString> ("<div class='lyricbox'>", "</div>"));

and secondly I commented out lines 60 to 126 (this will uninstall the other services than

After this follow the install instructions in README and logout and login in KDE. I hope anyone having the same problems can help this.

Kind regards! - Mar 30 2015