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Tobias Therkelsen Sv, Denmark
KDE Logo & Lines

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by weltall 1 comment

Good work :)
Wondering if you have the kde logo seperated from the other stuff somewhere ? - Sep 14 2007
Amarok Splash - Night in Taipei

Various Stuff by despeboy 2 comments

Nice splash :)
Could one get the source of that ? - Sep 14 2007
Debian Moment Splash Simple

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Tobizaz 2 comments

Im sorry I do not have the source from the coffee cup since I didn't do the original design. you will have to contact nostromo2k3 in order to do so. I've emailed him but haven't got an answer yet - Aug 14 2007
Anothe rPCLinuxOS Wall paper

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by psicobra 1 comment

I think it would be better off without the PCLinuxOS thingy :) Maybe a version without would be nice ;P - Aug 10 2007
World Linux Revolution

Wallpaper Other by manxopar 8 comments

Nice wallpaper you've made there.
But since Im not a fan of green could you make it in other colors ?
And perhaps with GNU/Linux ?

Would really appreciate it :D - Aug 10 2007