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Tobias Müller
Infinity Conky

Conky by reveng 26 comments

hey, I'm new to conky.

I just tried to install this theme under Ubuntu 12.04 with gnome-shell.

I had to change bat1 to bat0 but now I'm getting

"Conky: desktop window (e00025) is subwindow of root window (c1)
Conky: window type - override
Conky: drawing to created window (0x2c00001)
Conky: drawing to double buffer
Conky: unknown variable"

starting outside the terminal (and autostart as well) doesn't do anything (at least nothing visible)...

Any ideas?
- Jul 25 2012

Gnome Shell Themes by Toby87 3 comments

thanks a lot...

I'm not really a "theamer" myself, ... actually this was the first time I worked with css and inkscape.

and I pretty much just deleted every line with a "radious" in it...

Toby - Jul 25 2012