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Miloš Tojagić Belgrade, Serbia
Slim Glow

Plasma Themes by ivancukic 102 comments

Hey, excellent work! I am using it right now, and I find it to be an overall improvement over the default Plasma theme, with possibly one exception, I preferred the more saturated yellow of PostIt-like notes plasmoid in the default, but what the hay :-) It's just me...

Anyway, thanks for this one, keep up the good work, and keep 'em comin'

(Svaka čast, zaista odlična tema. Pozdrav) - Jan 28 2008
Extra folders for Crystal Project

Icon Sub-Sets by kayssun 7 comments

Sorry for the double-posting, but I meant to say rather instead of retaher :-S, as it eventually came out... :-/ it's been a long day at work - Aug 16 2007
Extra folders for Crystal Project

Icon Sub-Sets by kayssun 7 comments

Indeed, this is a retaher nice work, kudos to the author, but it does makes you wonder, why is the folder_images represented with an icon that is rather universally identified as a hard drive icon?

Other than that, keep up the good work :-) - Aug 16 2007
Lego Torvalds

Wallpaper Other by debian1993 8 comments

Heh, you really nailed his haircut...

:-) - May 04 2006
login-scan 'splash'

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by rokkford 36 comments

It may as well be so, but let's not forget what does the MS in Trebuchet MS stands for...

As far as I know, MS fonts are not included by default in any Linux distro (nor I think they should be, even so-called "free" ones that are in fact the only ones that legally can be included), and there are people (I for one) who would rather choose not to use (and therefore associate themselves with) anything that can be in any way linked to MS, even if it's just an apparently insignificant little thing like fonts.

Kudos to Airyk for the fix, I do believe not everyone shares my thoughts on the use of MS stuff and will therefore benefit from the proposed solution, but may I at the same time appeal to the author to elect not to use MS fonts as default ones for his otherwise fine work, not only because of the Anti-MS rhetoric, but also because such choice apparently causes trouble for the majority of potential users who, chances are, do not have the required fonts installed.

Besides, one should always be extra careful in such matters, the Trebuchet situation can be relatively easy to solve because Trebuchet is one of the "free" MS fonts, but imagine if by accident one of the proprietary MS fonts, like Tahoma, was used?

Greetings, Miloš - Apr 17 2006
System monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba by krupski 5 comments

Nice one, pretty much does everything I'd expect a Karamba SysMon to do, and I especially approve of the icon choice, since it matches my desktop setting nicely.

Perhaps most importantly, it is very easy on the system resources, some of the other SysMons I've tried tended to introduce a heck of a load on the CPU, occupancy would rarely drop below 40%, which brought my system to a near crawl. No problems of that sort here.

However, as always, there is room for improvement. I personally found the default font Neuropol barely readable, and so had to manually modify the theme file, replacing any reference to Neuropol font with a reference to my system-wide font choice. That made a big difference. Also, maybe it's just me, but it's a bit big, isn't it? With values like w=231 h=580 it just eats up too much of the valuable desktop space. I know it get also be modified manually, but it's a lot of work, so I haven't had the time to do that yet, but you may consider resizing it for any future release. May I suggest a value of w=240 h=480, which would keep it nicely in sync with Liquid Weather ++, arguably one the more popular themes out there.

Other than that, nicely done, thanks for this, and keep up the good work.

Greetings, Miloš - Apr 16 2006

Network by George666 199 comments

Well, this is not the place to discuss the innermost details of how the BitTorrent service works (Google the Net for a number of well-written FAQs), but in short, it is a well-known fact that under certain circumstances, depending on swarm condition, you might end up with a lot of data you don't actually need, that is corrupted, or that you have downloaded already, data which gets discarded accordingly. What holds true for any BT client that I know of is that the total amount of downloaded data is almost always higher than the stated download size. Now, the example that you speak of, if indeed it is exact, has an unacceptable junk data/needed data ratio, and it might be something worth looking into, but to that end I must say it needs not be the responsibility of the BT client itself, and my own experience with KTorrent shows that it handles junk data just as well as some of the more popular clients out there.

What KTorrent desperately needs is the support for DHT, but also an option to disable it easily for use with private trackers.

Oh yeah, one more thing... If you have a 2Mb/s connection, and limit your upload rate to just 1KB/s, you really are missing the point of BT file sharing (I'll say again, SHARING), what you do is referred to as "leaching", and it just so happens to be the leach of the worst kind, and it's not helping the BT network one single bit (pun intended). Keep it alive, and if you are, quite understandably, concerned about your costs, try ordering the CDs instead of downloading the ISOs.

Kind regards, Miloš - Apr 13 2006
Ubuntu dapper glitter

Wallpapers Ubuntu by cantormath 3 comments

I mean, I don't know, someone out there will probably like this, and like it a lot, and from a purely artistic point of view, it's very nice, but somehow it just gives me the creeps... - Apr 10 2006

Wallpaper Other by rschuler 3 comments

lol :-)

makes you wonder, doesn't it?

nice one, btw. - Apr 10 2006
Open as user

Dolphin Service Menus by bram85 20 comments

Quite an useful little addition, thanks...

And here are the serbian versions

Name[sr-Latn]=Otvori kao drugi korisnik
Name[sr-Cyrl]=Отвори као други корисник - Mar 30 2006
login-scan 'splash'

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by rokkford 36 comments

Yeah, I had the same problem, the "username" variable being right next to the "validating" text, so it looked like validatingmilos (in my case), which indeed does not looks right, so this is what I did, though I suppose this is a rather crude solution, but nontheless it worked for me...

I modified the theme config file, namely Theme.rc, in my case found in /home/milos/.kde/share/apps/ksplash/Themes/login-scan-splash, and what I changed is the Label2 entry. Not knowing how to enter the space, I have simply changed the label coordinates, the parameter LabelCoords2 now having a value of 400,641 while the LabelCoords1 was left with the default 270,641. This is how the Theme.rc file looks now:

[KSplash Theme: login-scan-splash]
Name = login-scan 'splash'
Description = splash for kdm-theme 'login-scan 'fusion''
Version = 0.2
Author = rokkford
Homepage =
Engine = Moodin

BeginOpacity = 0.0
BaseResolution = 1280,1024

Background = Background.png
UseIconSet = false

ImageCoords1 = 682,285
ImageCoords2 = 682,138
ImageCoords3 = 805,239
ImageCoords4 = 805,94
ImageCoords5 = 928,314
ImageCoords6 = 925,170
ImageCoords7 = 1122,472
ImageCoords8 = 249,418

Labels = 2
Label1 = Validating:
LabelFont1 = Trebuchet MS,18,-1,5,50,0
LabelCoords1 = 270,641

Label2 = ML:USER:loginname
LabelFont2 = Trebuchet MS,18,-1,5,50,0
LabelCoords2 = 400,641

StatusCoords = 270,804
StatusFont = Trebuchet MS,12,-1,5,50,0

Now, there probably exists a better, more refined solution, but this one worked fine for me, and while I suspect the exact same values will not work for every system out there, I guess a bit of trial-and-error will result in the values that will produce the desired effect. When I log in now, it quite nicely spells validating: milos - Mar 30 2006