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jesper larsson Uddevalla, Sweden
take a look at this

Problem solved with i updated too amarok 2 - Dec 18 2008
Qt: 3.3.8b
KDE: 3.5.10
Amarok: 1.4.10

I am running ubuntu 8.10 and x64 bis proccessor if thats too any help. - Dec 17 2008
Hi, im using Amarok, i type in the command
and the terminal thinks for 1sec and thet it returns me to jesper@ubuntu:~$.

And must the file be put in .scripts foler? mine is in home folder. - Dec 16 2008
Hmm i also need installation help, i alredy have a conky script, and when i put the scripts in .script folder and run it, nothing happens besides a bounce of errors. Please help - Dec 16 2008