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Sep 13 2017
I have solved the top panel applet bug adding the line

bg[NORMAL] = @menu_color

To style "theme-panel" on panel.rc file.


I need to know what kind of widget is the "free disk space" to try to change the appearance.

Can someone help me? - Jun 05 2012
Sorry, the theme that makes the applets looks fine is GREYBIRD.

sorry. ;) - Jun 04 2012
Some panel plugins on XFCE desktop looks like bad.

As you can see in the next screenshot, the "cpu load" aplet (on top panel) has 2 ugly grey borders instead taking the background panel color.

The "disk free space" applet (bottom right) just does not show the barrs, so it is unusable.

I have notice that the Gilouche theme show they fine. So I think it is a Zukitwo bug.

What kind of widgets are these?
how can I give them the right styles?

Thank you for your nice work! ;) - Jun 04 2012
┬┐There are any news about this bug?
Thanks. - May 29 2012

I've installed this nice GTK3-GTK2 theme and it is great. I like it.

But there are few bugs with some applets: some XFCE applets (GTK2) appears so white, and one of them is unusable, cause it appears as a white block instead showing its colors.

You could see the bugs here:

If you could help me to solve them, it will be nice!

Thank you! - Apr 03 2012
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