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toxic hero , Slovenia
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App Runners 27 comments

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Feb 10 2010
super idea! could you explain to a greenhorn how to compile it from source. i'm on ubuntu.

and of course: happy birthday!
- May 20 2009

Dolphin Service Menus 3 comments

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Mar 09 2007
could you explain exactly how my tc volumes could get compromised with tcmount? if that's a very rear case, i would also consider further using of tcmount. (and if sometning goes wrong - of course it's not your fault)


toxic - Mar 12 2007
that's a pity! your application really helped using TC.
i hope you'll find the solutions to those problems.

thanks again,

- Mar 10 2007

System Software 26 comments

by trisz
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Feb 12 2007
the command that you suggested does not work at all. if i type it down i get this result: "bash: /opt/crossover/bin/ No such file or directory"

there is no /opt/crossover/bin/ folder on my comp. also there is no file on the system. the only "wine" file that i can find is this:

it doesn't have ".sh" ending. properties say it is a perl program file.

also, folders which contain crossover linux files are not named "crossover". the name is "cxoffice". there are two of them and they are located on my /home/username/...

1. /home/username/.cxoffice/...
2. /home/username/cxoffice/...

- Feb 16 2007

the virtual installation directory offered by crossover linux is the same as with wine:
C:\Program Files\7-Zip

this can actually be found here (on my comp):

/home/username/.cxoffice/win98/drive_c/Program Files/7-Zip/...

crossover office offers you to install itself in your home directory, but you can also select any other directory.

cxoffice commands that i found in my panel menu:
- configuration: sh -c "/home/mrcina/cxoffice/bin/cxsetup"
- install win software: sh -c "/home/mrcina/cxoffice/bin/cxinstallwizard"
- run windows command: sh -c "/home/mrcina/cxoffice/bin/cxrun"

- Feb 16 2007
great! it works now. thanx.

and how could i make it possible to work with crossover linux? currently kenzip doesn't know that crossover is installed and it suggests installing wine.

thanks again,

- Feb 15 2007
here we go:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/lib/kenzip/", line 447, in slotHelp
help = helpconnect.HelpConnect(self)
File "/usr/lib/kenzip/", line 26, in __init__
Help.__init__(self, parent)
File "/usr/lib/kenzip/", line 31, in __init__
TypeError: argument 1 of QTextEdit.setAutoFormatting() has an invalid type

- Feb 13 2007
downloaded 1.1. great idea about sfx archives for windows and wine!
is it possible to work also with crossover linux?
help doesn't work with me (on kubuntu edgy).


- Feb 12 2007
downloaded 1.1. great idea about wine!
is it possible to work also with crossover linux?
help doesn't work with me (on kubuntu edgy).


- Feb 12 2007
thanx for your answer.

i wasn't specific enough about SFX archives. i'm asking for a feature to make windows SFX files with your software.
let me explain: we are using linux, but most of the world still prefers windows. and the biggest archive software on windows is winzip with no support for 7zip. i'd be glad if i was able to send people files compressed with my favorite open source compression software, that they could open.
is that possible?

- Jan 31 2007

you've made a great feature!!! i have waited for this for a long time.

will you add the possibility to make self-extracting archives in the future?
and also to type password with letters hidden?


- Jan 29 2007