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Ioannis Gyftos , Greece
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Dolphin Service Menus 21 comments

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Jul 03 2019
It $ARG1 should probably be escaped with quotes, otherwise paths containing spaces etc do not work.

Exec=ARG1=$(cat /tmp/meld-menu-arg1);meld "$ARG1" %U;

Otherwise works nicely, thanks. - Jan 09 2014
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Amarok 2.x Scripts 28 comments

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Apr 22 2013
Hi all,

I am adding support for internationalization in the next release (using Qt's system - Qt Linguist). At the moment, the next version will have czech and greek translations. If you would like to provide a translation for your language (or klingon or latin), please contact me by mail or private message. - Oct 12 2010
Showing this thing a bit of much needed love :(

I only recently (1-2 months ago) noticed that double-clicking wouldn't work. It used to work for me, regardless of the bug report, until recently, so sorry for taking so long to fix this.

I also updated the configuration mechanism to use amarok's scripting API instead of the database. Again, sorry for being lame and so out-of-date :)

Additionally, since a few months now, filtering wasn't case-insensitive for me; for example "judas" wouldn't return any result of Judas Priest, but "Judas" worked. Did anyone else get this or was it just me? - Oct 06 2010
You're right. Guess I had fell too much behind with amarok's progress...

Anyway, here's a quick 5 minute fix. I also changed the length display to match amarok's (e.g. 5:04 instead of 5m4s) - Mar 16 2010
I am currently serving in my country's army now for about 4 more months, so pretty much... yeah. No development for now.

In any case, I've seen this thing reported a few times. I do not believe this is a problem with the script - rather with the lengths as they are stored inside Amarok's database or something of this sort. I cannot reproduce this issue myself, but I had a few similar errors while I was developing, and they had to do with erroneous entries of the database (tracks with random 8-digit lengths etc), but I had cleaned those up manually in my collection and it never came up again.

I might add a little database verification routine sometime to see if this is it; a single entry with a track having a duration of a few years could screw up all statistics I guess. Otherwise, I don't know what else might be causing this behavior. Works for me :) - Feb 19 2010
Sorry, still can't reproduce this on 2.2-release. Works as before for me.

If you're still getting this behaviour, try launching amarok from a console, double-click on an item and copy-paste the output from the script and mail it to me. - Oct 06 2009
And by amarok2-beta2 I mean amarok2.2-beta2 :) - Sep 21 2009
I assume you meant amarok2-beta1?

I just checked the matter on amarok2-beta2 (2.1.85, compiled from source on Arch)(I was using a slightly outdated SVN version before), and it works as before for me. - Sep 21 2009
Take a look. If you have any ideas for more stats, let me know.

Note that "rated albums" and "rated artists" take into consideration the minimum tracks per album option. - Sep 17 2009
Well I've been quite busy with work lately, again, so I haven't been able to spend time with this, even though some changes I have in mind won't take that long.

You can now double-click on an entry to queue it to your playlist. I was thinking of maybe using checkboxes or something to select items then an "Add to Playlist" button as you said, but I decided against it as double-click seems sufficient and it does not make the display too complicated. I hope it's intuitive enough.

I am aware of a few bugs, including the too-long-string one. The most serious bug currently has to be that if you submit a query while another one is still rendering (for example, by being very fast, or more likely you use the mousewheel to scroll through query types with a sufficiently large amount of results to display) then _Amarok_ crashes (not just the script). And probably memory management sucks. I'll get to fix them some time in the future. (That, and fix exclude albums again. I just want to make the SQL query fast, so i'm lazy at the moment :D)

As for the scripted plasmoid thingy, well I am not too sure. I use the script periodically, and I personally would prefer it on its own window. I think i don't use it so often that I would want it on my widgets list to hog down memory and stuff for no good reason. That said, I'll give it a go when I have more free time available. Seems fun to try to implement this, in any case. - May 09 2009
As far as I remember, I had read somewhere that Amarok 2.0 does not support adding plasmoids like that through scripting, but there are plans to add this capability on future amarok releases.

So without being 100% sure, I think that this is currently impossible.

However, from some SVN amarok 2.1 screenshots I've seen, there is a small 'favourite tracks' plasmoid coming out of the box. - Mar 10 2009

Plasma Color Schemes 2 comments

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Apr 29 2010
Awesome theme. Very nice work. - May 05 2010

Amarok 2.x Scripts 19 comments

by kk7
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Dec 02 2008
If you wish to check which tracks do not have coordinates and for what reason...

First connect to the database, with Amarok not running.

(Taken from

Some tools like MySQL Administrator require a daemon to connect to. You can start such a daemon like this:

cd ~/.kde4/share/apps/amarok
/usr/sbin/mysqld --defaults-file=`pwd`/my.cnf --default-storage-engine=MyISAM --datadir=`pwd`/mysqle --socket=`pwd`/sock --skip-grant-tables

The skip-grant-tables means you can use any password or username to connect to it. 'localhost' will not work, the MySQL client will try to use a unix socket. Using as the host makes it work.

Once you connect with MySQL Query Browser, you can use the following SQL Query (export to HTML is also nice):

SELECT,, t.title, m.code FROM music_explorer m, tracks t, artists a, albums b where m.code != 0 and m.url_id = t.url and t.artist = and t.album =

The codes listed are the following:

(I wouldn't mind if this was implemented in the script as well :D) - Feb 04 2009

Plasma Themes
by garthecho

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Dec 03 2012

Amarok 2.x Scripts
by kk7

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Mar 04 2009

Plasma Color Schemes
by mwoehlke

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9   Sep 26 2016

Plasma Themes
by garthecho

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9   Dec 03 2012