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Alberto Garcia Cartagena, Spain
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 6 comments

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Feb 02 2011
Thanks to you, Saleel and everybody.

I think this is a interesting improvement for KDE (u other) and enhances the user desktop experience. - Jan 28 2011

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Apr 09 2010
here you can download the base picture without decoration:

Regards - Apr 13 2010
Clonator ICON

Dolphin Service Menus 9 comments

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May 22 2007
Sorry, I dont understand you.

You want resize a icon of 32x32 pixels to 96x96 pixels (by example), this? - May 22 2007
Bubbliki chat style

Kopete Styles 13 comments

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Dec 20 2006
Hmm... The style does not change the font size. It actually uses the KDE default style and size - one of the few styles that don't mess with that.

The main text font is 100% of default text size, and all the status messages are set to percentage of the size (between 60% and 80%). There is not a single line anywhere that actually gives a numeric size or overrides system defaults.

Try changing the font in the Kopete's settings first, if it doesn't help, play with KDE's system-wide settings. - May 12 2007
TUX mesh blender model

Various Stuff 9 comments

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May 01 2007
Thank you !! :D - May 02 2007

Graphic Apps 56 comments

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Aug 18 2010
!! That chance, we have the same tester "My wife" !! :D - Mar 27 2007
I post my proposal here: - Mar 26 2007
Kflickr is great, but
Is posible personalize the resizes to send at Flickr?
some config file? - Aug 29 2006

Utilities 99 comments

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Jan 24 2015
ok, compiled and installed ... now run without problems !! :D - Mar 11 2007
Nokia 6103 - Mar 11 2007
but I have active the option "Save session" on KDE.

In any case, if use (select a cfg file) or dont use (press cancel), the program is crashed.
If you want to see the Kcrash log is here : - Mar 11 2007
KAnyRemtoe 2.9 works fine, but when I start the KDE session it launch the select window of .cfg file and crash.
If I start KAnyRemote again, then run fine. - Mar 10 2007
Kirocker Music Display

Audio Apps 324 comments

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Dec 14 2007
I love this applet, work fine in opensuse 10.2,

Could be the perfect icon from start Amarok, if when Amarok is off Kirocker launch it, and the rest time running like controls (play, pause, stop and cover).. is a idea.

Regards - Feb 15 2007
A-foto (afoto)

Karamba & Superkaramba 142 comments

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Jun 06 2007
Can you delete all afoto* files & folders in your ~/.superkaramba folder and launch a-foto widget?

After drag&drop one image.

It going now?¿ - Aug 06 2006
I am sorry for inconvenience... I dont see this bug on my side, so please, help me catch & fix it.

Usually A-Foto gets stuck on the hammer in cases when SuperKaramba cannot process some internal command. I would like you to tell us (1) your version of SuperKaramba, and (2) what it is that SuperKaramba is silently complaining about.

To do (1) just right-click on the SuperKaramba icon (drop of blue water) and choose "About SuperKaramba"

To do (2):
- Determine where you saved the a-foto*.skz file. (Ex. /home/username/afoto15.b6.skz)
- Open the terminal and run the a-foto direclty with a command like that:
superkaramba /home/username/afoto15.b6.skz
- The terminal will likely give you some errors. Copy them and email to Suslik ( and/or trebol-a (

Thx - Jul 19 2006
Is the first time you run this widget (any version)? - Jul 19 2006
Dont worry,
sometimes we dont think on "easy mode ON" ;) - Jul 07 2006
Hi underpope,
the slideshow start when you drop a FOLDER with +1 pictures, and stop when your drop one picture. - Jul 05 2006
Yes, i think (dont sure) is a bug in Superkaramba... in spanish too.
Suslik!! :) - Jul 02 2006
Yes, but let me explain other idea (I think better.. :D )

The "anchor point" is determinate by the position in screen. If the position is top-left, the anchor point is identical inside the theme, the picture will resize to bottom-right.
If the position is center-bottom, resize to center-top.
I think this mode is more flexible and simple (or intuitive :D )
yes? - May 28 2006
Yes, i had a error in a function. Update please at the new version 1.45 - Apr 14 2006
Edit your file .theme and change refresh value. Default is 60000 (milisecs) - Apr 10 2006
yes, is a great idea!!
thanx! - Apr 03 2006
i just have 1.3r

how ican i select single file?
i press midle button and.........

From show one image only, you must drag&drop any image in "replaced mode".

If your superkaramba theme is blocked over the desktop, you need only one click, or doubled click if your theme isnt blocked. - Apr 02 2006
Just i have update theme. I hope all bugs are removed... - Apr 02 2006
Hi all,
ok! i get notes of your comments! :-)

TIF, recursive, uppercase ... buff, i will see, .. ;) - Feb 11 2006
yes, is posible, look:

But i dont understand because you use the command line... when you exit kde desktop, superkaramba remember last status, do not?

Do you have permisions in superkaramba folder?
What is your superkaramba version?

I have used Superkaramba 0.37 on KDE 3.4.2 and SUSE 10. - Dec 10 2005
Update theme!!

No-random and more coming soon! ;)
Please report any coments.... - Dec 10 2005
is rare, i think is a mistake of karamba not a theme, because when you open a theme "a-foto" karamba create a file call "afoto.rc", when you open a second theme is create "afoto-2.rc", "afoto-3.rc" .... etc.. in this file contain the filename/folder of source, and the position in screen etc.... Every time you open a second theme, third theme them read a "xxxx-2.rc" "xxxx-3.rc" etc....

This files are saved in " ~/.superkaramba/a-fotoXX.rc". - Dec 10 2005
Yes, i agree with you... just i working in this, but I prefered make it without extra menues, very simple (drag+SHIFT, by example), like the theme... but my knowlegde about python (by the moment :D ) are very poor. - Dec 07 2005
Well.... this little cat is now a big fat cat!! :D
The photo have about two years, more photos here, - Dec 07 2005
thanx everybody,
yes, is a good idea, i have working in this features!! - Dec 05 2005
I think what recursive scan directory was a problem not a improve, especially when you have a lot of picture in a folder/subfolder (like me)...
When i find a elegant mode for solve this i will pass the version 1.1 !! :D

sospecho que el modo no-recursivo de escaneo de directorios vá a echarlo en falta mucha gente,por eso, te contesto en ingles (mas o menos :D )... - Dec 04 2005
Plastic theme for a-foto

Karamba & Superkaramba 1 comment

by j4k
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Jul 19 2006
Add at the list!! :D
Thanx - Jul 20 2006
Pile decoration A-foto

Karamba & Superkaramba 3 comments

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Jul 16 2006
Sorry, I put the short description :D

Rewrite the description... - Jul 16 2006

Graphic Apps
by TundraMan

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Jan 29 2011
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9   Mar 29 2011