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Paul Santman Breda, Netherlands
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Treepata - High contrast

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Aug 04 2019
Hi AndfRa,

Thanks for your appreciation and comments. I have not yet included those, but I will try to include these in the next update (1.4).

In general I make most icons 48x48 pixels (scalable), with the icon itself 40x40 and the white border 4 by 4 pixels around the image. - Nov 11 2016
Hi Cadhart,

I fixed the battery monitor, it should look ok now. Regarding the power manager, I could not reproduce this error. My power manager looks ok now (under Xubuntu 13.04). If the problem still persists after the upgrade to treepata 1.1, let me know. I might know what the issue (and fix) is. - Sep 09 2013
Hey Cadhart,

Thanks for your comments and feedback! I just got back from holidays, my apologies for the late reply.

I crashed my laptop two weeks ago (it ran too hot, broke the fan :-) so cannot check your errors.

But in two weeks I will get my new fan, and I will also install Xubuntu to the latest version. Then I will check your feedback, and also update the Icon theme in general. - Aug 07 2013
Thanks for the appreciation, jboadas! - Oct 23 2012
Thanks Frank! Good to hear my work is appreciated. - Sep 08 2012