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John  McHugh , Ireland

GTK2 Themes 79 comments

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Nov 05 2008
This is the best attempt at recreating that mockup that I have tried. There are a few issues though, firefox's file edit view toolbar shows up as grey when it should blend. Also banshee's selection highlight ends up not using the orange selection used everywhere else. It uses the window color instead and when mixed with the black text it makes it impossible to make anything out.
Other than the few kinks I look forward to using this theme. - Aug 13 2008
SE K800i Icon

Cliparts 3 comments

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Aug 02 2007
nice work - Aug 02 2007
Pidgin icons - released

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Jul 16 2007
As usual top notch work from you m8, much nicer than the current pidgin icons :D - Jul 12 2007