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Aug 15 2007
It still seems that the problem is python version. I am not sure how debian manages different copies of compiler but I suspect that even if you enabled python 2.5 you it might still use libraries from 2.4 version.

Looks like error happens in the part

import calendar
cldr = calendar.Calendar()

the above lines will work in 2.5 but wont in 2.4 - Aug 20 2007
I am also eagerly waiting on kde 4 and plasma (and hopefully migrate this theme to it when it becomes more stable).

Rainlendar is a nice and polished application but still it does not have features I want. This theme is more like huge poster calendar on a wall on which you can draw and put different marks. That is why it shows 12 month and has somewhat simplistic appearance. - Aug 15 2007
5) thanks for debug output
Problem is that you are using python 2.4 or earlier. Changes in pythons library from 2.4 to 2.5 are quite significant. Basically nowdays calendar is a class that has many additional functions that were used in the applet. I bet there would be many other errors even if I made this section 2.4 compatible. Considering the fact that all linux distributions will move to 2.5 eventually and amount of effort required to make theme work in 2.4 I dont think i will resolve this problem :( Check your distribution i bet it already has python 2.5 package so you just need to make it default interpreter. - Aug 15 2007
Thank you for comments. About what you said:

5) It is interesting problem, i have no idea why days dont show up. I would appreciate if you start karamba in a terminal, open applet and then post output (if there is any). Hopefully, we can figure out what is the problem then.

1) utf might be a good thing to add
2) it is a matter of taste but MonthsBack is a good idea and I can see how it is better in some cases. I will try to add as an alternative
3) to address size problem i was thinking to restrict applet to certain desktops. The number of displayed months will be and a configurable option at some point i hope.
4) it is safer to restart karamba after changing applet. Karamba keeps some data in memory even if you uninstall theme. - Aug 15 2007