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Tri Ceratops , Antarctica

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6 hours ago
Sorry for the error in the wording. I meant the screenshot should show clearly the name of the THEME. In current screenshots, the name is rather dim (and hard to read) in the lower right corner. - May 19 2020
bug report: Nordic-standard-buttons 1.8.1, on Ubuntu 20.04 Gnome 3.36: Firefox & Chromium still have the colored buttons. - May 19 2020
Would be better to add some screenshots to show the variants "standard buttons" and "bluish accent". Thanks - May 18 2020
10 the best. Please make the name of the name clearly readable in the screenshot. - May 14 2020
Bug report (Ubuntu 20.04): Ubuntu Software becomes completely transparent. - May 14 2020

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May 13 2020
BTW, built-in themes Yaru and Awaita are also installed in /usr/share/themes (this is where I installed custom GTK3 themes). How come Ubuntu software app behave normally (not becoming transparent)? without any need to do the flatpak override? - May 16 2020
@paul "sudo flatpak override --filesystem=~/.themes" not working (Ububtu software is still transparent)

"sudo flatpak override --filesystem=/usr/share/themes" doesn't work either.
- May 16 2020
9 excellent - May 14 2020
Ubuntu 20.04, bug report: "Ubuntu Software" becomes completely transparent. Same issue with other themes (Mac Catalina, Nordic) and all variants. - May 14 2020
Gnome Cupertino

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Apr 14 2013

If narrow border is the problem in XFCE, then just make it thick! A thick border is even better actually. - Apr 24 2013

Installed this theme on Xubunbtu 12.10, hoping that it will work like "MediterraneanNight Series 2.01". The theme seems to work, but the window border style is not working.

Can you please make it work for XFCE?

Thank very much in advance. - Apr 20 2013
I can't believe I am asking this. I didn't like dark theme at all. But since I use your Meriterranean Night themes. I love the Night themes. Do you plan to make a "Night" version of Gnome Cupertino too? - Apr 15 2013
MediterraneanNight Series

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Jun 20 2013
You are right, I mix different themes. Looking forward for the next update. And thanks for thinking about XFCE. I was a Gnome user a few months ago. But got annoyed by too much of the "modern" GUI gimmicks.

I have tested all Mediterranean themes + various Windows borders. The best combination I like so far is MediterraneanNightDarkest + BlueBird:

(Please note: to read better, I need to improve the contrast, I have changed the font color to black by editing the /usr/share/themes/MediterraneanNightDarkest/gtk-2.0/gtkrc) - Mar 10 2013

1. The TributeBlue theme in XFCE doesn't look like the screenshot (the menu is still gray):

2. You left MediterraneanNigh-xfce-wide-border.tar.gz inside the MediterraneanNight folder. Not sure if it was intentional but I have installed it and the wide border looks very nice. May be make if official in next release?
- Mar 09 2013
Gorgeous theme. Thanks for the bug fixes related to XFCE. - Mar 09 2013

I love so much this theme. Would you be OK to consider adding a green color theme, in the same veine than what you have already made in blue?

Thanks in advance. - Feb 28 2013
Hi Oscar,

May I buy you a beer? The solution you suggested works like a champion. I have asked this question in a few forums. Never got an asnwer. Today, I got the right answer within a day.

I suppose you suggested the settings in ~/.gtkrc-2.0 because this would fix the "icon text background" issue regardless of the theme I selected in /usr/share/themes?

In other words, if I integrated your solution in /usr/share/themes/MediterraneanNightDarkest/gtk-2.0/gtkrc directly, the issue may show up again if I select another Mediterranean color theme? - Feb 22 2013

Me again, this time with another issue on XFCE 4.10. After I applied Mediterranean theme, the desktop now have a white background around the icon text. Before that, the icon text was written directly on the wallpaper. Can you please show me how to fix that?

Screenshot (icon text on XFCE Desktop have white background):

Thanks in advance - Feb 22 2013

No need to bother, I have played around editing various color values in /usr/share/themes/MediterraneanNightDarkest/gtk-2.0/gtkrc and could replace the dark theme backgroud color to something lighter. - Feb 22 2013

Using Xubuntu 12.10 (XFCE 4.10). This theme is incredibly beautiful Thanks.

Mediterranean NightDarkest: the inactive tabs are colored in black-grey in Firefox. While elsewhere the tabs are light grey. Is it normal?


- Feb 22 2013

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Jul 11 2017
Would it be OK to make a version with dark Window title bar and light menu bar on top of the screen? - Oct 13 2012
Enyx Theme

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Oct 02 2012
Wow that's nice! Can you add more screenshots showing checkbox, radio buttons, scrollbars, etc.? - Oct 02 2012

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Mar 03 2012

I like this theme. Used it until today, I have to change for another theme. I got confused by the small scrollbar. I know this is old school to use a scrollbar while most of people use the mouse scroll wheel. But on a long page a scrollbar still scroll faster. Hope you'll have an updated version soon. - Mar 24 2012
Is it Ok to make the scrollbar like that?

In my opinion, FreeOSX2 theme is better. It has a preview in the "Appearance Preferences" dialog. And I like the color tone & selected item overall.

May be your theme is already perfect, but please make another version for old fashion people like me who need a traditional scrollbar.

In case you don't mind another request. When there are several opened windows. There titlebar and menu looks pretty similar. It would be nice to make the active window stand out better by making the border of the inactive windows darker.

Thanks in advance. - Mar 13 2012

Is it OK to make the scrollbar more traditional? I suppose you intentionally designed it to be discrete. But personally I find that the current scrollbar is hard to see.

On LinuxMint 11 x64 (same as Ubuntu 11.04). I have disabled the overlay scrollbar to have a permanent scrollbar. But the scrollbar of this theme is too small. It requires some attention to position the mouse accurately. Hope you will be OK to modify.

Thanks in advance. - Mar 05 2012
Very nice thanks. On linuxmint 11 x64 (Gnome 2). Using Nautilus, the split line separating the two panes view (press F3) is a little bit too dim. Also in Nautilus, the status bar looks unfinished. (the status rectangular zone is surrounded by two black lines). Hope this is fixable. Thanks. - Mar 04 2012
Jaehoo Elementary OSX

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Sep 04 2011
Still waiting for your update. Any news? - Oct 25 2011
I would like to increase the text contrast, I changed text color to #000000. After that, in any forms where there are tabs, the inactive tabs become all black.

In my opinion, the idea to make the inactive tabs darker is a good idea. But can you make it a constant slightly darker gray than the active bar? This means the background color of the inactive tab is no longer related to the text color.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks. - Sep 06 2011
I extracted into /usr/share/themes to make the theme available for all users.

The theme is not visible in Appearance Preferences preview screen. Must Click on "Customize" and select separately "Jaehoo Elementary OSX" in "Controls" and "Window Border". This is very inconvenient. - Sep 05 2011
Absolute Luna

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Oct 20 2011
Fix confirmed. Finally the menu now looks much better. Thank you very much. - Oct 17 2011
Thank you for the update. There is an issue in Menu I don't know if this is related to the theme.

On some menu items, there is sometimes a checkmark in in front of the menu text to denote that the option has been set. Example: right click on an applet in Gnome panel, the "Lock to Panel" menu. You must hover the mouse over the menu item to see the checkmark.

Or Nautilus, menu "View". move the mouse on each of the menu items, you will see plenty of checkmark or dot which were hidden because they are displayed in white on white.
- Oct 16 2011
I'm using LinuxMint 11 x64. Folllowed instructions in the link you gave. Set Custom format to use the "stacked" version. Has no effect. The Clock still displays in 1 single line.

I give up. It's not big deal, that consumes a little bit the space in the panel but it's Ok. Sorry for all the troubles and thanks for taking the time to help me. - Oct 02 2011
Oh wow, that's true. Increase panel size to 48 or setting Application Font to 6 did wrap the text in the Clock applet. This looks weird however (unacceptably small text or panel larger than necessary).

But that doesn't explain why themes like MintX, LambdaMod, FusionBlue, Orta know how to wrap the Clock text without me changing anything in Panel size (36 pix) et Application Font (Ubuntu 11 or 10). May be they redraw the panel? - Oct 02 2011

Here is a screenshot showing a comparison of the clock display:

Top is AbsoluteLuna, Bottom is LambdaMod 0.4
Panel size = 36 pixels.

The Application Font has no effects. I have reduced the font size to a small value, I see the display shrinked but it is still on 1 line with AbsoluteLuna. There is no change in the clock settings when I switched from one theme to the other. So the text wrapping is probably something coded in the theme settings. Hope you can figure that out. - Oct 01 2011
Most modern themes have that menu-titlebar unified look, which is very nice, but makes it hard to distinguish which window have the focus.

This is EXACTLY why I like your them better (window having focus has a color titlebar). In my opinion, the modern GUI with unified color for titlebar menu, hiding the scrollbar, putting +/-/close on the left, global menu, etc. are just gimmicks which have no real productivity improvement.
- Sep 30 2011
Thanks for the update. The new triangle icon is still too big. It stands out a little bit too much compared to the folder beside it.

Can you have a look at this theme: Lambda-Mod 0.4

It has a smaller triangle icon which I think is well balanced.

Regarding the taskbar in Absolute Luna, I think some improvements might be possible:

- Set panel size to 36 pixels. Absolute Luna, the clock displays Date & Time in one single line. This take more space. Have a look at Lambda Mod 0.4, it can display Date & Time in two lines.

-There is not enough contrast between active / inactive tasks.

I hope these comments makes sense. Looking forward to the update. - Sep 30 2011
Thank you, thank you & thank you.

For putting the color on the tiblebar and make it configurable. This is the only gripe I had about the original absolute. I thought the author didn't have enough skills to make color titlebar but now I learn from your comment that it was intentional.

One thing I would like you to review in Absolute Luna. Nautilus, left pane, folder tree. The triangle icon used for expand/collpase the parent folder is really too big. Can you male it smaller? Or may be use the +/- icon instead?

Thanks in advance.
- Sep 30 2011
Windows Colors Revisited

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Aug 17 2011

The issue (lost of titlebar) occurred when I began playing with Dual Monitor, NVidia driver, with "Separate X Screen" option. When I changed to "Twinview" option, which combine the two monitors into a single virtual screen, the issue was gone.

May be this is a X Server or NVidia driver bug? In anyway, it's not worth wasting your time on this bug. Sorry for the vague bug report. - Aug 21 2011

I think I am going to remove this theme for now. Since I use it, strange things happen when I change to another theme. For example, the title bar is lost. When I move back to Windows Color (I saved it under a different name), the titlebar is not restored.

Reading in some posts in Ubunti forum, some people advised to type sudo metacity --replace
This solve temporarily but the issue is back eac time I change theme. Also while the terminal is opened, I saw this message appear very frequently:

/usr/share/themes/Desert Revisited/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:111: Murrine configuration option "hilight_ratio" will be deprecated in future releases. Please use "highlight_shade" instead.

Hope there will be a more Gnome friendly version in the future. - Aug 20 2011
Thank you for the detailed answer.
No Wallis theme under Gnome. Now I understand why only some themes in Gnome are compatible with yours. LinuxMint has AuroraMint, Carbon, Cassandra, Felicia. These themes allow to apply the "controls layout" from Window Color Revisited theme.

The one I use is actually Gilouche Square
This theme has a magic trick. Its titlebar color is able to change automatically to the color of the theme. - Aug 20 2011
Now I can get close to what you show in the screenshot. But I cannot get the top window titlebar like in the screenshot. Was it supplied?

- Aug 20 2011
It was not the permission issue. I was expecting to see the preview in the Appearance Preferences window. It turns out I had to click Customize and Select the Controls tab.

This theme is simple and nice. Thanks. - Aug 20 2011
Using LinuxMint 11 x64. I have extracted to /usr/share/themes

The theme is not visible in the preview of "Appearance Preferences" - Aug 17 2011

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Jan 13 2011
Thanks to the Orta Settings Manager I have been able to change the little details of the theme. The care the author had taken to fine tune this theme is absolutely perfect.

Thanks very much. - Aug 11 2011

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Apr 25 2011

Lambda v0.3 is PERFECT. Absolutely love the new titlebar size and especially when it reflects the choice of color.

Forgot to tell you that the scrollbar is excellent in your theme.

This theme must win the Nobel prize of GTK Theme. Thanks very much. - Apr 24 2011
Hi, The bigger titlebar is welcome. May be make it the same size than the original Lambda would be even better. I found that the thin bar in Lambda-mod 0.1 gave an unbalanced impression.

In my opinion, the originality in this Lambda-Mod theme is the color theme. It is so refreshing compared to many other themes, which for some strange reasons, only use black and white.

I hope you will create a collection of various colors. You like red OK, can you also add Green, Blue, Brown?

Thanks in advance.
- Apr 24 2011
This theme is Super nice. I like the color titlebar very much. Thanks very much.

Wish you could implement some more colors. Here are some nice ones:
- Apr 22 2011

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by DDZ
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Mar 06 2012

This theme also requires the same Murrina engine. I uncompress and copy it to /usr/share/themes and it works right away (It shows up in System / Preferences / Appearance).

Hope you can review it and figure out the issue in MurrinaSeasons 1.4 - Apr 22 2011
v1.4 still not working. Synaptic package shows that Murrine is installed.

Sorry but I am going to give up on this theme. - Apr 20 2011
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Sep 05 2013
Absolute Luna

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by Masque

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Oct 02 2011

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by eliverlara

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10   May 14 2020
10 the best. Please make the name of the name clearly readable in the screenshot.

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by paulxfce

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9   May 14 2020
9 excellent
Score 74.3%
9   Feb 22 2013

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by CruelAngel

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9   Oct 13 2012
Enyx Theme

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by alexedvans

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9   Oct 02 2012

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by max8521

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9   Mar 04 2012
Absolute Luna

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by Masque

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9   Sep 30 2011
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3   Sep 05 2011

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by Digit

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3   Aug 22 2011
Score 65.6%
9   Aug 20 2011

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by SkiesOfAzel

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9   Aug 11 2011

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by lucpel

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9   Apr 22 2011

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by 2sev

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9   Apr 07 2011

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9   Apr 07 2011
Equinox GTK Engine

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by tiheum

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3   Apr 07 2011
Score 75.5%
9   Apr 07 2011