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Dmitry Lysoff Moscow, Russian Federation
OnionHead smiles for gajim

Various Gnome Stuff by Celtic 6 comments

Sometimes i wish to get back to linux ^_^ - Dec 17 2007

GTK2 Themes by parkash 4 comments

it's funny, yes ^_^ - Jul 17 2007

Ice-WM Themes by roberTO21 37 comments

awesome theme, yes. - Jun 29 2007
True Vista Experience

Beryl/Emerald Themes by ep5il0n 28 comments

The Wow starts Now!
What does it mean?
Pizdets nastal nakonets :)

Very nice theme, my friend!
I'm with you :) - Mar 06 2007
Ubuntu Woman-3

Wallpapers Ubuntu by lid 3 comments

yeah, great wallpaper... and such a poor resolution :)
make it bigger, mr. Author! - Nov 30 2006
Max OS X on Gnome

Gnome Screenshots by moi123 1 comment

don't think it looks like macosx
you need at least Lucida fonts, kiba-dock and beryl to make it iCandy :0) - Nov 17 2006