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Andreas Trink

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments

What are you speaking about?
I've amarok 1.4.1 and I am speaking about the left column, where you have only some predefined views like artist, artist/album or where you can created your own (3-level)view and choose between artist, album, album-year, genre and year.
But there is unfortunately no composer! - Jul 31 2006

Audioplayers by amarok 574 comments

Are amarok-developers classic-haters?

Currently amarok isn't fully useable for me? How can I view my collection sorted by composers? - Jul 31 2006
PenDrive automount

Various Stuff by jekko 7 comments

There is also kvm (kde volume manager).
Does someone know, which way to go, ivman or kvm?

Thanks - Feb 03 2005
Konqueror Burning Sidebar

Utilities by phlegmatic 60 comments

But how you you handle data from slow or removeable medias?
In this case there should be a copy instead of a link. - Jan 28 2005

Education Apps by trink 4 comments

1. The search-algorithm is very simple, currently only substrings are searched for.
This will/must be changed in future releases.

2. The attached directories are only for the beginning, later I'll move them into a separate package. Further I'll support directories found at - Jan 20 2004