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Sylvain Pasquet , France
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Apr 13 2008
Nop you have a mesa driver, actually the mesa driver doesnt support non power of two texture ( with any player ).

I really hope to finish my function that reinterpolating texture on the fly in a power of two texture.
But by the way the method alter down the texture quality (with my poor math skill).

Sorry no solution for you at the moment until the Mesa driver doesnt support non power of two.

- Nov 16 2007
what is your video card ? which driver you use ( closed or mesa ).

If its always after 10 second it can be a problem from the coverlib.
Do you have a proxy for your internet connection ?

For the 0.6.0 release I will autorize to force or not the use of the CoverLib ( only rely on player or only rely on CoverLib ). Actually if the player doesn't return anything correct for the cover album, CoverLib will try to catch it from the internet.

By the way you can use the strace command and give me the last line before it crash. - Nov 14 2007
Sorry i have missunderstood :)
You are under Mandriva or Fedora ? - Sep 18 2007
thanks :)

May be you missed the little how to
- Sep 18 2007
I don't have a 64bits OS for testing it, but it seem to be a system libs bug. Because i don't use allegro directly it must be SDL, you can see in the linking flag, i don't call allegro for linking jukebox3D. - Aug 31 2007
Its the best category for this software. You use it as a screensaver when you playing some songs. - Aug 31 2007
Is not a bug :) You only have to click on background.

You can move object by selecting it ( click ) and drag it. When you have done moving the object you click on the background. - Aug 13 2007
You must have dbus for rhythmbox or dcop for amarok. ( The cant' find server error =

If you are sure that dbus is working can you paste me the error ?

You can try to request rhythmbox manually with this shell command:

rhythmbox-client --print-playing-format '%ta'

Normally rhythmbox return to you the current playing artist. - Aug 03 2007
You must start your audio player in first ( amarok or rhythmbox ) and after start jukebox3D.

You must verify in option menu ( in Jukebox3D menu in start GUI ) if the player selected is the same than you use. - Aug 02 2007

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Aug 06 2007
higher resolution will be cool :) - Aug 07 2007

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Sep 06 2007
You mean champagne ? ( french wine ) - Aug 07 2007