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Aug 18 2010
This has been done for quite some time now. Your distro may not be using the latest releases but the project has been ported. - Aug 07 2010
No, not dead just the usual summer lull as I try to do stuff away from the computer. Do note, however, that I do not expect to be doing too much with the app. I am open to suggestions for new functionality but since day 0 this app was written to fill a void in what flickr didn't do well and that is it. No Swiss Army knife here, just be the best uploader possible. - Jun 17 2009
Yes this would be nice to have. I will work to get this into the version I have slated for KDE4. Thanks tons for your input and feedback. - Nov 27 2007
Thanks for the comment. In regards to PhotoBucket, I do know that this is a popular photo site and as with flickr most likely could use a good Linux uploader. I did a quick search to see if they had an open API and did not have luck in finding one. I found a link on google to what looked like it could be one but I required a photobucket account which I am too lazy to signup for.

Anyways my next goal is to get kflickr set for KDE4 and with very limited time I would say over the next few months this will be my only accomplishment as far as kflickr is concerned.

So for now I would say that additions to support photobucket are not going to happen. If you code feel free to send me patches to make the necessary changes. All the communication code is in flickrcomm.cpp/.h so the scope should be small. :) - Sep 01 2007
The protocol used to communicate with has some limiting factors that don't allow for graceful error recovery and could result in what you are seeing. NOTE: the protocol selection is defined by and I am in no way their choice in protocol or the protocol itself, I am just stating that it has limitations (as do all networking protocols for that matter)

Most of the error messages you see are actually sent by and relayed to you via KFlickr. You can look in the code to confirm this but the only error messages coming directly from KFlickr during photo transmission are "HTTP request failed.", "HTTP request to failed." and "Invalid response received from".

I must say that in using this protocol to transmit 8000 photos I am not surprised to hear you are having some hiccups. Be sure to let me know if the issues persist, I will try my best to implement a fix if at all possible. - Sep 01 2007
The icons displayed on the photo in the list to indicate various things such as if the photo is public is a good idea and one which I already planned on implementing in the next version. The other ideas I will have to put to the wife test. I always put new UI ideas to my wife and if they make sense to her then they are adapted otherwise they do not. This ensures the usability of the application. - Mar 26 2007

I need your help. The current user interface for kflickr has one big limitation. This limitation is that everytime a new property is added I basically have a choice to add a new column to the list or just don't display the property in listview but only in the photo properties. As such it would be very easy for the list view to get quite wide.

One idea I had was to represent more of the data as little icons instead of text. I have not totally ruled this out but as you can see by the main kflickr icon I am not artistic and this would be rather ugly.

The other is that basically I would only have the image in the list and the properties (currently the edit window) is permanently displayed.

What are your thoughts and suggestions???

I am open to all comments. - Nov 12 2006
Many of you have asked me to make kflickr into a KIPI plugin. Well now it is. Do a quick search for send2kflickr and you will find it. - Aug 06 2006
Thanks for the work. I will try to add this to the KFlickr downloads page when I have a few moments sometime in the next few days. Glad to see KFlickr has fans in Italy too. - Nov 07 2005
I forgot to update the downloads page on So if you were wonderring why KFlickr 0.4 was nowhere to be found it is my fault. I have updated it now. Sorry. - Nov 04 2005
Staul you must be a member of a software test team somewhere.

1. Since I run Debian the rpm is just a deb converted to a rpm using 'alien' and I can't really ever say 100% that it will work. Your feedback is actually the first time I have ever got any on the validity of the rpm. The errors are suspicious as KFlickr does not use audio and KDE has its own XML parsing so expat would also not be used. So I guess it is safe to say the rpm is not so good. Now that I know this I will replace it with one of the many that people are making. For now you might want to wait a few days and then find the appropriate one on the web. Or build from source.

2. Yes the available bandwidth should be updated either after each picture is sent or at minimum after all pictures are sent. This is a bug.

Thanks for the feedback. - Nov 04 2005
Hi Staul,

Photos are now removed from the list once succesfully sent so you will know which ones failed to go. When a comm error occurs now you get a message explaining things and will easily be able to move on.

All this and more comming in the next few days with version 0.4. - Nov 01 2005

No nit-picking allowed...just kidding, this type of request is always welcome. Actually this is one of the features I have had in mind from the start. If I had a roadmap for the product it would be coming up very soon. I would say you can almost be guaranteed I will get it in version 0.4.
Thanks for the feedback.
TM - Oct 11 2005
Support for png and non-animated GIF are now in CVS. I will be doing a release soon so you will be able to make use of your PNG files without having to convert them. - Oct 08 2005
Proxy support is now in CVS. I have a few more things I wish to add but will do a release sometime this week, hopefully. - Oct 08 2005
The first uploader I tried for Linux was actually your QFlickr. However a good start, I am sorry to say it lacked the multiple photo handling capabilities that I needed. When looking for an uploader I came across glimmr and although I have never used it the screenshots gave me some of the ideas I have implemented in kFlickr. I do use DigiKam to manage my photos on my PC and will try your plugin.

I only plan on adding a few more features into kFlickr for the time being as I have other matters to attend to. Feel free to use any code you want. - Sep 23 2005

Sorry about this. I was wonderring if this would be an issue. Not having a proxy I have not tackled this yet. I hope to support this soon but no definite date yet as I am very busy these next few weeks. Soon is the best I can say (but not too soon). - Sep 21 2005
I had thought of making a plugin for DigiKam in mid summer. I investigated the plugin extensions of DigiKam and found they only worked on a single photo at a time. I basically wanted to select several pictures, use the tags etc... already set in DigiKam and upload. So a plugin was not the way to go, I could be wrong on this one though. The solution was a Stand-alone app which I could drag photos from DigiKam. Plus seeing as many people don't use DigiKam I could reach a larger audience.

What I would like to do is be able to query DigiKam for a photo's tags and such, thus reducing the repitition of enterring them. - Sep 21 2005

I will have other format support in version 0.3. Just wanted to focus on getting core functionality working first, now I can make it "pretty". - Sep 21 2005
KFlickr MT

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Nov 21 2005
Just to clear some things up.

"fix: neither Qt nor KDE can write GIFs, disable transformations"
KFlickr is smart enough not have to stick to the input file format it will make use of any available output format, not a bug

"fix: remove file ending before setting file name as title"
Design decision, not a bug

"fix: common tags while batch editing/don't overwrite by default"
This breaks the batch mode paradigm

I have no problem with the KFlickr fork but don't claim something as fixed when it is not broken in the original product. - Nov 21 2005
kFlickr Gentoo Ebuild

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Nov 25 2005
Hi Ripper,

As the author of kFlickr I would of course love to have people running Gentoo have easy access to kFlickr. Let me know if there is anything that I may add/do to help this initiative out. - Nov 14 2005