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Evans Liaskas Athens, Greece
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Gnome Screenshots 3 comments

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Dec 12 2006
I like it, if you fell like knowing wahts going on with your system.... I wouldn't do it... but it's cool if some wishes to. - Dec 04 2006
Simplicity Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu 5 comments

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Dec 01 2006
Awesome, that's truly awesome.

The most impressive thing (remember - my views..;)) is how close is (how well fits) to my mockups for a nice ubuntu Look&Feel.

Please consider contacting me for some chat over looks (if you feel like).

Again Excellent (!) peace of work. Minimalistic yet so classy. Congrats from me. - Dec 01 2006

Various Gnome Stuff 8 comments

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Nov 21 2006
No it should be working, I double checked it. Try searching for "kxdocker configure" posted from turbojugend_gr, it should give you me.. - Nov 28 2006
LOL, what is this? - Nov 21 2006
It is Kxdocker, it's a pretty tricky one, but it is even better than MacoS X dock. I have a how-to here:

If you manage it, post a thank you ;). - Nov 21 2006
Aqualooks - Update

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by zammi
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Nov 27 2006
Well as for the buttons another thing is their gradient isn't that nice, it looks harsh, and this for gradients means they lost their goal (fake 3d look, usually), sorry being harsh on you, but as I said before it is hard goals that make an effort worthy. ;).

P.S: I ain't sure what exactly I should suggest, I have created some OSX looking buttons, but from what I understand you are not using a pixmap engine, consider that Blog/site suggestion of mine, it will greatly boost help and comments from others, as I see there's a rising interest for your effort. I could also help with the blog, if you find this suggestion interesting, I could give you some links to check some other blogs I created, or sites. Bardon me, again, I just fell an urge to contribute in waht I am sure I 'll be using the first day it's released. Greatly appreciate this, I know it's been told, but I fell like repeating it - Nov 28 2006
NO, not at all, I 'll be happy to contribute in any way, I 'm a big OSx functionality fan (yup to me having the buttons on the left it's not just looks is functionality, and so on).

I could be contributing in any way I am capable (these unfortunately bieng only two, comments and image editing which I find my self quite able at).

Keep up the good work, I like some(/all the) minor changes I see in your screenshots. Finally take a look at my OSX panel, if it's up to your standards use it in any way you see fit (as an image/or find a way to make your engine making panels look like that).

Best Regards, TJ. - Nov 27 2006
Hi Zammi,

I've been watching this effort of yours and I applaud your efforts with enthusiasm.

I would like to know if you can open this project too, so others can help, basically I ain't that skilled when it comes to coding but I am pretty handy with images, so wherever you wish something to be done I would be glad to help, if you need me to. I beieve others could help with code (like malwk suggested).

Anyway if I get it right this is going to be a full implementation of MacOS X so that with kxdocker,beryl and so on it could mimic both Look&feel. Plz clarify that cause it ain't clear to me.

To suggestions:

1. The scrollbars need to have motion and macos x look, graphite and aqua.

2. The buttons need to be rounded 9which the seem to be) but a LOT smaller, take a look at baghira for some ideas.

3. The tabs need to be rounded (which seem to be partially done) but also to have aqua focus and to be centered.

4. The tough part is to be able to change look&fell for different window types... yup I know it's difficult but tough targets make efforts worthy. What I mean is to be able to have metal lokk for music players (like iTunes is fin macosX) and stuff like that while most apps use milky or brushed look. Again baghira does these things so try taking a lokk at it, it may give a boost to your thought.

5. Finally I believe that a project page or blog should be created so that it would be easier to contribute (?) and watch the progress.

I don't know if I am even close to understanding what you wish to create and how much time you wish to spend for it, forgive me if I didn't get your intentions. I am just excited with the prospect of what it could be...

Cheers, TJ.

P.S.: Please feel free to contact me if you don't wish to answer using this comments space.

P.S.: I feel like expressing in advance how sorry I am, in case I discomfort you with this one. - Nov 17 2006
Well, I can say that there are many, many thinks that are missing from the pixmaps themes, I would suggest studying KDE's Baghira (which is dead btw) for many things that simple pixmap theming can't possible do. - Nov 08 2006

Various Gnome Stuff 37 comments

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Oct 28 2006
Tank you, I really appreciate your compliments. You really cheered my up m8!

I hope you will find future addition as well as the other themes so nice. - Nov 07 2006
I did what you suggested, but I didn't find it's nice enough to make it to the pack release. You can download the file here though, I hope you like it at least:

!!! PLZ let me know when you have downloaded the file, so I can delete the link !!! - Oct 28 2006
It is not yet possible, try to create sth and put it in cairo-clock themes and you will see it yourself. - Oct 28 2006
M8 you seem in a hurry, he was talking about a previous screenshot. ;) - Oct 28 2006
I 've never seen this, have you got a link so I can see it? If it is good looking (lol like it may not be)I 'll be happy to try. - Oct 27 2006
Thank you very much m8, I really appreciate your comment! - Oct 27 2006
It is kxdocker... trully awesome! You liked the clocks btw? - Oct 27 2006
Well if you have gdesklets just add the appropriate desklets (FTB mem-gauge and FTB net gauge). Them place them where you wish on your desktop and remove all the borders from the properties. Also make their scheme white again from properties. - Oct 08 2006
Actually I sent you an e-mail, concerning this subject at the adress shown in your profile, I hope you got that. I don't wish to open a discussion here as this is a place for comments on the content. The thing is that I have some views on this subject that I would be glad to share them with you.

Again with millions of "thank you" for your interest on my efforts, and views! - Sep 29 2006
Thanks a million MacSlow!

I am flattered by your comment, I always tried to create sth beatifull and your amazing application (the Clock that would be) was the perfect base!

Again thanks a million. As for the one file theme... i hope it is as functional as the way it is now. - Sep 29 2006
MacSlow's Cairo Clock needs a composite manager running to be transparent. f you have an issue with your composite manager you need to turn to fedora core or compiz forums for help. I use ubuntu and compiz so I can't help you on that, sorry. - Sep 29 2006
It is a "national geographic magazine" picture, so I can't share it nore can I remember the exact link I retrieved from. Though you may find lot's of such beatiful pictures in under fun stuff >> wallpapers. And in under photography>>wallpapers - Sep 28 2006
OK fixed, in the next release it will be as suggested. I hope you all like it more now. - Sep 28 2006
Good point, I am using it at 256x256 so it is pretty obvious, so I never noticed... 0.2.7 will fix that for sure, thanx for the output. I hope you like them more after 0.2.7! - Sep 28 2006
I use Dapper too. I guess you need to install cairo-clock through synaptic. If you have libsvg2 issues re-install it's packages too.Those would be :librsvg2-2 / librsvg2-common / librsvg-dev.

If you need anything more on that plz contact me via email or an instant messanger, so we can keep this place for comments. - Sep 17 2006
kiba-dock, it is for xgl/ it up, watch a video and you 'll be amased. - Sep 15 2006
Plz make sure you RATE this one, or even add a comment.

You see there's no other way for me to know if you like it, if you wish a mod for it, if something should be fixed etc. Above all though I wanna know if it worths the trouble....

I hope you all like it, and I 'll get to release more. - Sep 15 2006
Another OSX looking Desktop

Gnome Screenshots 18 comments

by zammi
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Oct 24 2006
Thought of that, but how can it be used under gnome????? That question is unsolved to me so I thought it ain't...any ideas? - Oct 23 2006
Yup, you are. You show me your desktop, and you provide no info for it... bad boy!

Ok, It's obvious I am kidding, BUT plz answer the following questions (note it is what I wish to know maybe others would like a complete howto or "wheretofind"):

1. GTK theme?
2. Borders? (if u use emerald cgwd etc)
4. OSX like panel (you know moving the controls from the window(file-edit etc) to the panel.

PLZ gimme a hint on those, or even better write down a detailed how-to/"whereto" for the whole thing.

Regards, TurboJugend. - Oct 23 2006

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

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Oct 15 2006
excuisite icons, they are in this site. - Oct 16 2006
If you don't like the theme, rate so, but plz also leave a comment so I can get this adjusted to you liking.

Regards TurboJugend. - Oct 15 2006

Compiz Themes 6 comments

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Oct 15 2006
excuisite icons, they are in this site. - Oct 16 2006
Is this really so bad, and if it is plz leave a comment so I can adjust this to your liking. I don't see any point in just rating this bad, leave a comment so it can get better.

Regards TurboJugend. - Oct 15 2006
Murrine Improvements?

Various Gnome Stuff 52 comments

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Oct 26 2006
As said before, i like them too, I hope it won't be long before we see them... - Oct 11 2006

Cairo Clock 5 comments

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Apr 23 2007
You have a pretty original idea with the seconds here. Though I believe you are holding it back for the following reasons:
1. Try and create a better hour handle, minute handle, or modofy these ones so the y look on the same axis. Now they don't look nice as they are apart, try using the grid for that.
2. Your second's dot's need some centering too, again the grid will help you do the job.

I don't mean to offend you by any way with this comment, I just hope to give some usefull feedback. - Oct 07 2006

Various Gnome Stuff 8 comments

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Oct 11 2006
Oh a little feedback, I haven't seen the real thing yet (I am away from home) but I can tell the Rim needs a little centering, as it is going a little more to the bottom.

Try using the Grid to be sure it is centered. - Oct 03 2006
Hi m8, great edit, I like what you 've done of it really!

It is different and I nice the car realation, and I shouldn't forget to metnion I really apreaciate your credit, though I should mention that version of the clock isn't entirelly made from me. - Oct 03 2006
Brushed T-ish for Compiz

Compiz Themes 2 comments

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Sep 07 2006
Thanks a million m8, it rocks, as all your stuff do... - Sep 15 2006