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Arthur Turrini

QtCurve by peroxid 33 comments

Any progress on this style?

It has a professional look'n'feel, and it is great.

If author won't mind, I'll be fixing some drawing problems and publish the new code, maintaining original credits.

Regards. - Nov 09 2009

Financial by thb 101 comments

Maybe I can help you.

Printing checks isn't a hard thing to implement. I've never read kmymoney' source base, but we can do this into a separate program in little time.

Contact me at turrini <at> gmail <dot> com.

Cya. - Sep 19 2008

Financial by thb 101 comments

I've been using kmymoney v.9 since it's first beta without a crash during all this time.

I have ported my old quicken/gnucash history (6 years) to kmymoney v.8 and now I'm using it on v.9 without problems.

IMHO it is stable.
- Sep 04 2008