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Gabor Olah
Banshee Lyrics Plugin

Audio Apps 20 comments

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Jun 04 2008
again, the patch from nikita works very well - it's not a big deal to make it 1.4 compatible anyway.

ahh, forgot to give complement to the developer of this great stuff! thanks a lot, using this plugin i do not need amarok anymore.

- Dec 03 2008
There is a patch for it available:
It works for me... - Nov 26 2008
Hunky Fonts

Fonts 11 comments

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Sep 13 2005
"... with additional letters for Baltic, Central European, South European and other languages, including Maori, Welsh and Esperanto."

the vera font set has been extended with some extra characters used by the regions cited above.

i recon for countries using basic ascii characters it does make no difference. - Aug 08 2004
SlickBar for SuperKaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 282 comments

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Jan 08 2004

the description of the tasks has latin-1 encoding, so i get a ? for some characters, even if i set proper font type (e.g. arial) for that.

is there a way to specify the encoding? the proper solution would be to use the one that kde uses.

for later releases it would be nice to have an easy option to translate the fix texts (e.g. Middle-click to configure) and show the one in KDE's language.

what i miss is a bar with "show desktop" and "logout" buttons, but i saw in the todo list, that they are coming soon.

anyway, this theme rocks, thanks for the great work. it is actually more than a theme: it is a concept and that brings this one above the others. - Jan 20 2004
Dyntaskbar and System tray

Karamba & Superkaramba 24 comments

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Jun 05 2004
the problem is not with your theme/script, the karamba.getTaskNames() function crashes if gimp is running. i have no clue why.

i will submit this bug to the superkaramba developers. - Jan 08 2004
unfortunately i am no python programer but i will try my best to figure out what is going on.

actually one more thing about the bar with the applets. if i start multisync (gtk2 application) it does not appeare on the bar, have no clue why. with kicker i had recenty no such problem.

anyway, thanks for the nice piece of work. - Jan 06 2004

if i start gimp the gTaskBar theme crashes immediately its running superkaramba instance. i have no clue why... other apps work perfectly, only gimp seems to fail.

anyway, what sort of transparent bar do you use (i mean the launcher in the mid-bottom of the screenshot)? - Jan 04 2004