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Michael Austin
Murrine X3

GTK2 Themes by 74141 16 comments

What icon theme are you using in the screen shots? I see it is tango based? But the folders are a different style and some other elements, do you have a url for the theme?

Thanks - Feb 05 2009
Murrina Quiet

GTK2 Themes by paraboy 18 comments

Thanks for the theme. It looks great with xfce. But I have found 1 problem.

With terminal, the theme makes the menubar transparent. However with other applications e.g. thunar etc the menu bar is not transparent.

Other than that it works great :)

Thanks - Nov 10 2008
Murrina Quiet

GTK2 Themes by paraboy 18 comments

which version of murrine is required for this theme? - Nov 09 2008

Audio Apps by adeodato 6 comments

Minirok is a great application. Just the thing I was looking for. However there are a few requests I have regarding the application.

Firstly it would be nice to have volume control within Minirok. Secondly the Last.Fm integration, would it be possbible to use another method of submitting the tracks to Last.Fm besides using the current method? I personally do not with to run lastfmsubmitd. If there are any other alternatives that could be introduced alongside the current method?

None the less Minirok is a great application :) - Apr 16 2008