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Ziv Leyes , Israel
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Nautilus Scripts
Ultimate Edition Nautilus Scripts Pack

Nautilus Scripts 7 comments

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May 10 2009
Hey Pete,
Funny, now I realized that some scripts don't work on my lucid! I guess it's because of the same reason. I guess I don't have the script-helper installed
Could you please share with us how exactly did you install the script-helper package?
Thanks - May 11 2010
script-helper is a dependency that was primary installed via the ubuntu-tweak, but somehow since the last versions of it is not automatically installed, I guess the ubuntu tweak guy should be worried about it, anyway, this package I built is quite outdated though you may still find it useful.
I guess I'll have to find time to update it, it has been exactly one year since I uploaded it to here
Anyway, thanks for the clarification, I guess it may help others to solve their problem - May 11 2010
It doesn't have to be only for Ubuntu, it's a bunch of scripts that should work on any distro as long as you use it in GNOME - Mar 06 2010

GTK2 Themes 228 comments

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Sep 23 2010
heheh, sorry, my bad, I meant cairo CLOCK! - Jul 29 2009
Kuduk gave me his permission and I've also mentioned his name in my pack page

I'm thinking of packing this updated one so it includes also the red, and perhaps also the cairo dock, all built together in a self-extracting .bin installer, would you like me to do it?
- Jul 29 2009
Hey, you may want to have a look at this:
I allowed myself to pack your beautiful themes and all the related stuff in a convenient installation package.

I hope you like the idea.
- Jul 22 2009
Azenis Theme Pack

GTK2 Themes 11 comments

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Jul 23 2009
I'm thinking of making a .bin installer so it can be installed in other distros, not just debian based, it will of course work only on gnome based.
I still didn't use karmic but unless they changed everything related to themes and paths it should work as well. - Jul 29 2009
I think so, this is Azenis version 0.2 only packed all together, I posted this a day before james updated the themes to version 0.2.1 I think.
Anyway, I think I'll join him to his collective project approach and help him out with packing themes in installers, I might also consider making it "universal" I mean an executable big .bin file that will install on any linux, dependent on gnome or KDE, of course.
- Jul 23 2009
PPA PUB Key adder

Various Gnome Stuff 3 comments

by Dino1
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Apr 12 2009
Hey, nice trick, but I think you mistyped a command in the script, shouldn't be "apt-key add" ? It says "apt-key adv"
Also, I think it would be better if you use this as the command to successfully import any key:

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys $CODE ; gpg --export --armor $CODE | sudo apt-key add -

Hope this helps - Apr 13 2009