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Krzysztof Kosiński Warsaw, Poland
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by west
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Mar 05 2010
The Polish letter ł included in this font is wrong. In handwriting, the stroke is rendered as a dash over the letter. This is imporant, because Poles would read the current ł glyph as a small t. The capital Ł is more or less acceptable. Please see this link for an excellent explanation: - Nov 03 2009
Gartoon Redux

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Sep 29 2013
Added those aliases to Bazaar, thanks. - Oct 17 2009
Committed both aliases to bzr, thanks. - Aug 26 2009
If you are installing from the tarball, you need to run the '' script which will install the correct distributor logo. Alternatively you can use the PPA and the script will run automatically. - Aug 26 2009
A Banshee icon is already in my bzr tree and will be in the next release. I'll remove the multimedia.svg alias as well, since it doesn't seem to be used for much. - Apr 25 2009
The C# icon is nice, it will be in the next release. The SQLite icon was truncated when you pasted it here. Please send it to me via e-mail: at gmail dot com - Apr 25 2009
You color choice for the Amarok icon looks better, I'll use it in the upcoming release. I'm hoping to do it until the end of April. - Apr 25 2009
Thanks for this list. I will add those aliases in the next release. - Mar 28 2009
I have already made an icon for Exaile similar to its logo (stylized E inside a ball) and it will be present in the next release. I also have an icon for Amarok (cartoon wolf). - Dec 30 2008
I'm having some problems with those icons (they just don't look right), so they aren't in 1.7 yet, but I hope they'll be ready for 1.8. - Dec 23 2008
You could download the source package and rename a colored folder icon of your choice to folder.svg, then build and install. - Dec 23 2008
I'll try to include an icon for Amarok and Inkscape in the next release. Inkscape isn't present yet because a) their logo is black and white and I couldn't find an approriate border color, b) seeing the default icon alongside other Gartoon icons doesn't hurt my eyes so I wasn't motivated enough to do it :)

The Ubuntu logo is already included in the version you can get from - I'm trying to be distro- and desktop-neutral so it's not included here. - Oct 01 2008
Fixed in 1.6 - Jun 23 2008
I modified the symlink definitions accordingly, this will be fixed in the next version. It looks like a Gnome 2.22 change that I missed out on due to a failing battery meter in my laptop. Thanks for pointing this out. - Jun 16 2008
I had a shot at it but I wasn't satisfied by the result at all. I have one more idea I'll try but I don't know what the result will look like, so GR may stay without an Inkscape icon for some time. - Jun 16 2008
Yes this should work on Gnome 2.16 too, though I haven't done any testing. - Jun 16 2008
This is a packaging error, I'll fix this ASAP. Sorry for that. - May 13 2008
Fixed in 1.5. There are also fixes for Evolution and Tomboy. - May 09 2008
OK, something similar to this is in the 1.5 release. Similar logos for Edubuntu and Xubuntu are in the source package. - May 09 2008
I'll add various distributor logos once I put together some configure script and a proper makefile. - May 04 2008
There will be a Gnome 2.22-targeted update shortly (maybe today). - May 04 2008
Yes, I somehow dropped this line from the index, it will be fixed in 1.4. BTW, hicolor is inherited by default, it doesn't need to be specified in this line. - Mar 30 2008 is completely unthemable via standard means. There are hacky and very user-unfriendly methods, i.e. replacing the Industrial theme, but generally the only way to properly theme OO.o is to work with its developers and include your theme in the source tree of OO.o. - Mar 30 2008
Try downloading Firefox 3 beta, it uses GTK stock icons from your current theme, so it will show the Gartoon icons. Be sure to use at least Gartoon Redux 1.3 (fixed size icons are broken in previous versions).

It is also possible to theme GIMP using gtkrc files. It would mean looking around the source to find the list of the stock IDs it uses, but that's not a problem for me. If there is demand, I can start working on an icon set for GIMP. I have also done some preliminary work on fully theming gThumb. - Feb 19 2008
It seems to me that my variant is a superset of Ubuntoon (at least when it comes to the number of different icons). Also I maintain fixed-size renders, so it would be easier to merge r.o.'s changes into my theme than my changes into his one (I'm in progress of doing this, and it'll be done in 1.3). - Feb 12 2008
Probably you downloaded it while I was uploading a new version (I forgot to include the changelog). - Feb 06 2008
Gartoon Redux

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May 12 2009
That's weird, I see no pixelation on my system. Can you show a screenshot of this? - Dec 23 2008
Thanks, I didn't know that those are recognized. Those fixes will be incorporated into the next version, as I've already pushed out the 1.6 release. - Jun 19 2008

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Feb 09 2010
If you don't provide SVGs, it is a GPL violation, because SVGs (or CDR, or AI files) are the "source code" here. If you don't provide the SVGs, you have to either remove your icons from this site or change the license to something else, e.g. Creative Commons Attribution. (Yes you can offend the GPL even if you're the author!) - May 17 2008
Ubo Icons Theme

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by ubo

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9   Sep 29 2013